Hi everyone.  Just passed 6 weeks post op(2nd time), Boot, 90 degrees, NWB, no ROM exercise. Everything looks fine, just starting to get weird muscle spasms in my calf.  I see the doc in a week, hopefully to walk in the boot.  Maybe I’m hitting the wall, but I am more nervous now than  ever.  I [...]

4 week post op. Conservative strategy

At my 4 week checkup,  I went to 90 degrees, boot, and NWB for another 3 weeks.  For some reason I had my heart set on 2, but I can understand the conservitive route, as this is my 2nd time around.  1 either way is  a small price.  Last time I was walking in the [...]

3 weeks post op (again) tommorrow.

Hiya everybody.  I am 3 weeks tommorrow, and feeling very positive.  My wheelchair workouts are are back up to speed.  I have been cleaning my leg w/ baby wipe out of the boot, and keeping it on wrapped in a bag in the shower, as I don’t want to take any chances w/ a bathroom slip.  [...]