2nd 1st post op

Hi.   went to the doc yesterday, 8 days out.  Everything looked good, incision, etc.  I was almost in a cast, but the tech found some wedges for my boot.  So I am in the boot, w/ 3 heel wedges and of course, NWB, back in 3 weeks.  NO flexing or movement out of the boot.  The doc is being a lot more conservative, I am right there with him.  My new rental wheelchair is arriving this morning, and I am looking foward to a “stroll” around the neighborhood. 

It is great to be out of the massive splint and more mobile.  I look foward each foward step.  The annual lifeguard marathon swim is this weekend.  I will be a spectator for once, but I’ll be planning my strategy for next year.  Matt

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  1. Did you get a physician’s order for the wheelchair? I am looking into getting one as well. Any advice? My surgery is today at 4:00 p.m.

  2. Hi Matt -

    Just read that you had re-ruptured - one of several we’ve had here. Sounds like your body does seem to recovery well, just wasn’t quite ready for whatever you did that day.

    I’m somewhat making my own protocol - doc wanted me in a cast for 3 months; I wanted a boot (not to walk on but for baths, ROM exercises along the way, letting it air out when laying down, etc). Anyway, he put me in the boot but I’m pretty much doing my own thing until my next appointment in 4 wks.

    These re-rupture stories remind me to not push myself, despite how good it feels. So, I’m still PWB (as I was in the last cast), with 2 crutches if I go any distance or out of the house, 1 around home or the office.

    Your being in shape has to help with mobility (crutches and even using the wheelchair) although it is probably harder for you to be slowed so much. Maybe think of it as a time to learn more - you’ll have all this down time to read up on your favorites topics! :)

    Hope things continue to heal quickly and smoothly for you.

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