Thanks for all the nice messages.  Had surgery tuesday.  The doc said he added an extra loop(?).  Seems to have went well.  Pink toes, not much pain, and a much bigger cast than last time.  The doc said he “can’t fathom” how it happened.  My PT guy was shocked too.  1st post op is wed morning, looking foward to the boot and some wheelchair workouts.  Did some light weight “arm biking” to get my heart rate up.   This is turning into quite an adventure.  I got some perspective from Dan Millman’s website/blog.  He wrote  the Way Of The Peaceful Warrior.  “The injury is your training” (or something like that).

For some reason I can’t get my computer to leave comments on other posts, so it is not that I’m being rude.  Good luck and best wishes to all.  Now I guess I’ll be looking for a gal that likes 2 cool scars


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  1. matt - please let me know if you are having problems with the site itself, or if it’s something to do with your computer.

    If anyone else is having issues with uploading pictures or leaving comments, please let me know.

  2. Hi, Matt. I just got back from my one month post-op appointment and discovered that my doctor doesn’t really have a protocol for my re-rupture. He said I could begin PWB but I said I’d rather wait until Week 6…he said, that might be better. Basically, he said he doesn’t have much (or any) experience with re-ruptures and is not certain the best method of rehab. I guess I’m steering this boat.

    If you have a chance, I’d love to know what rehab your doctor is planning (time to PWB, FWB, PT, etc.). In any case, best wishes for your appointment. Hope everything is a-okay.

    Btw, my girlfriend seems to dig my five inch scar. Although I think she preferred the two inch one from the first rupture.

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