bad news

6 1/2 weeks post op.  Had been working and walking with the boot.  Yesteday was the day the doc said to ditch the boot.  Had a good PT, hit the gym, returned my wheelchair.  Went for a bch cruiser ride.  Lost my ballance and caught myself with my right(bad) leg.  Hit once, twice and felt the pop.  Got to my surgeons office and he confirmed a rerupture.  He was surprised it happened that far out.  I go back into surgery this afternoon.  Wow.

Once again, it is one day at a time


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  1. Dude………that sucks! WTF? Anyway, you seem to have the right attitude. Good luck with this surgery. At least you know what to expect.
    Everybody, be careful! Once that boot is off, you’re at risk….at least in the beginning. Make sure you walk around like you have a thorn or something in your heel and if you walk too haphazardly, it’ll dig in.
    Wow is right. Hang in there.

  2. Man , this re rapture thing is catching up in percentages .its not 1-2% anymore .
    be careful out there guys ………

  3. Really sorry to hear that..I hope u a speedy recovery…

  4. oh man im sorry to hear about your misfortune. stay away from boats and anything that doesn’t resemble stationary, smooth flat surfaces :) keep us updated.

  5. Just when you think it’s safe to go in the water !!! ……

    What is wrong with us so many re-ruptures, I am so so so sorry for you and wish you well.

    Waiting news from dancer this afternoon, really do hope she is OK.


  6. Matt68,

    What a *&%$ing &^%#$. Or something. We’ll be thinking of you here, and you seem to have a lot of company these days. All these cautionary tales reminding the rest of us to take it easy—no matter how much “easy” sucks!

    Hate that this happened to you, but you seem to have the right attitude. I’m going to give my standard advice and suggest you do a couple shots…while on the couch and elevated, of course. A little V-squared (Vicodon and Vodka) never hurt anyone…

  7. Matt,

    I just had an awful shudder reading your post…my complete sympathies. Truly sorry to hear this news…I know exactly what you are going through. Aside from the frustration, it seems a little easier the second time around. Best wishes on a successful surgery today.

    If you want any advice or to commiserate, feel free to drop me a line.

  8. dude. I actually had to get up and limp away from my computer after reading this. Hang in there. My prayers are with you.


  9. oh no poor you.. i fell also today came out of plaster yesterday. i have partially torn mine not complete re-rupture. Have been put back in plaster for 2 weeks and pointed down will see how it heals from there. Its gutting just as you think the worst is over, u get one more kick in the teeth.
    Although a bit late i have learnt the hard way like you water and crutches are a BIG NO NO!!
    So depressing knowing what lies ahead AGAIN. hope your surgery goes well take care and i am thinking of you.

  10. I am glad that you and others tell about this shock of rerupture. If we aren’t sufficiently warned, I think many of us here, esp. the formerly sporty and go-go-go types, will try to “get up and walk” as Jesus said. My own ortho has put me in a walking cast only 2.5 weeks post-op. I was so shocked! Yet I do limp around the house and try to stay home mostly, no work, no shopping, no unnecessary nothing. Lots of reading, chatting, computer, writing…

    Yes, warn us! Make us take this superseriously, not boast how much exercise we’re getting! A fast therapy seems to be unwise!

  11. That really blows. Sorry to hear that..seems unfair that you have to go through this ordeal twice…nothing you wont come back from. Hang in there man.

  12. Ok, I’m not leaving my bed for another month! Scary stuff, hang in there and let us know how things go.

  13. Matt,

    Really feel for you, sorry to hear I also had to walk away from the screen, . Once again sorry to hear, thanks for sharing your story dude.


  14. Matt,
    I am sorry about the re-rupture, but I am glad that you have a positive attitude.. I hope the surgery went well, and take it easy for the next few days. Please keep us posted on your progress. We are all pulling for ya here.

  15. Ugh! So sorry to hear this! Hang in there. We are all pulling for you! Good luck.

  16. NOOOOOOOooooo!

    So sorry to hear this. As others said, thanks for sharing - it helps to keep me from getting too bold. Hope you heal safely and solidly.

  17. Hi all, I was just wondering what the chances or re rupturing if you have the cam boot on?

    I’m 2 weeks post op and slipped and fell with crutches on and put some weight on my injured leg? I had the cam boot on at the time. My foot had some pain for a few mins, but there’s no pain anymore. Thx so much for your insight.

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