6 Weeks and fired up

Today is six weeks post op.  I have been walking in the boot for a week.  Not much arch support.  I even went back to my night job as a waiter (a slow one), with a few sympathy tips.  My doc says to ditch the boot in 4 more days.  Wow.  Just the mobilty of the boot has been amazing.  Driving is insane.  I keep trying to send messages to myself 7 weeks ago, that things will be ok.  It will be awhile until I can resume full lifeguard duties, as sprinting barefoot on the sand is part of the job.  PT is also going well.  Getting some gym and pool time, which is nice.  The rental folks are coming pick up the wheelchair today.  The chair was a great workout, but I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

I realize I have been very lucky so far.  I am trying not to rush or push it.  I wish everyone the best.  Keep your spirits up.

Now to find a single gal in N FL that digs a cool scar

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