Wake up foot muscles. Good doc appt

Doc appt went great.  3rd post op,(this time) 7 weeks.  My doc took a look, felt, squeezed, “Wow, I can tell you haven’t been using this leg, the muscle is gone”.  Gosh doc, no kidding.  But he said to ditch the crutches, walk on the boot for 2 weeks, then shoes.   Start PT in 2 weeks.  I am clear to return to my 2nd job as a waiter on monday, slow start, lunches, in the boot.   I did this for a week last time and it went fine.  I can also start swimming in a pool(stoked)  It gas been great hanging on the couch with the boot off, and sleeping without it.  One thing though  walking hurts!  Not the tendon, but my foot.  those muscles have been off all summmer(with a short break) and they are pissed.  I have used one crutch occasionally for balance and just to help out.  I try not to lean, as now the key is to walk as normally as possible.  The learning to walk curve is amazingly fast.  I did wheelchair to work as I did not want to drive yet and my bike is obviously off limits.  TS Hanna is still sending good waves, and I convinced some of the young lifeguards to try bodysurfing with a McDonalds tray.  Now the boss is worried about trays dissapearing from the local McDs.

This is a major milestone, I am happy.  But as I know from experience, this is a time to really take it slow.  My own timelime is I hope to surf by Nov, maybe some flat water paddleboard stuff by Oct.  As for road biking I have no Idea.  Right now I am just thankful to learn to walk again.  Stay  positve every one.  Matt 


No bodysurfing yet

Hiya,  Yesterday was 7 weeks, boot, NWB,  I almost typed “again”, but last time I only made it to 6 weeks.  This has been a heck of a summer.  I saw a lot of good surf go by without me.  For the most part I felt lucky to be able to watch.  Hurricane  Bertha was just  a classic groundswell.  But yesterday was cranking bodysurfing conditions, which can be rare here in old Jax Bch.  I did get a little anxious seeing my friends heading out with their swim fins.  I can’t wait to put on a pair myself.  That may be a few months away.

I have a doc appt in a few hours, hoping to get cleared to walk in the boot.  The excitement and hope had me awake @ 4:30 AM.   I realize that now is really the time to go slow.  A gal who has only known me on crutches asked, “Are you going to be this nice when you get better?”,   the answer is, of course, yes.


Hi everyone.  Just passed 6 weeks post op(2nd time), Boot, 90 degrees, NWB, no ROM exercise. Everything looks fine, just starting to get weird muscle spasms in my calf.  I see the doc in a week, hopefully to walk in the boot.  Maybe I’m hitting the wall, but I am more nervous now than  ever.  I guess it just getting anxious for the next mile stone.   With no ROM stuff, I don’t “see” as much progress as I want to.  

The gals down at the beach are getting a little tired of my “lifeguard on wheels” line, but it still gets a laugh.  My wheelchairs times are back up to top speed.  I look foward to losing that skill.








4 week post op. Conservative strategy

At my 4 week checkup,  I went to 90 degrees, boot, and NWB for another 3 weeks.  For some reason I had my heart set on 2, but I can understand the conservitive route, as this is my 2nd time around.  1 either way is  a small price.  Last time I was walking in the boot at 5 weeks. ( I realize how silly it is to use last time as reference. )  Incision looked good, so I am on my way.  I’m a litte concernd that going 4 weeks  in the equinas position to 90 degrees will be uncomfortable, but ok so far.

One more mile marker.  Matt

3 weeks post op (again) tommorrow.

Hiya everybody.  I am 3 weeks tommorrow, and feeling very positive.  My wheelchair workouts are are back up to speed.  I have been cleaning my leg w/ baby wipe out of the boot, and keeping it on wrapped in a bag in the shower, as I don’t want to take any chances w/ a bathroom slip.  My light duty @ the lifeguard station is turning into the whole summer, but it could be a lot worse.  I saw a fellow who came up to borrow one of our beach wheelchairs.  He was in a chair for life, colostomy bag etc.  He had a smile, and kind words.  Some the cockiest teenage guards stopped by my radio box to tell me they felt thankful.  Not to be too new agey, but I’ll paraphrase Dan Millman-We heal for many reasons.  Matt

2nd 1st post op

Hi.   went to the doc yesterday, 8 days out.  Everything looked good, incision, etc.  I was almost in a cast, but the tech found some wedges for my boot.  So I am in the boot, w/ 3 heel wedges and of course, NWB, back in 3 weeks.  NO flexing or movement out of the boot.  The doc is being a lot more conservative, I am right there with him.  My new rental wheelchair is arriving this morning, and I am looking foward to a “stroll” around the neighborhood. 

It is great to be out of the massive splint and more mobile.  I look foward each foward step.  The annual lifeguard marathon swim is this weekend.  I will be a spectator for once, but I’ll be planning my strategy for next year.  Matt


Thanks for all the nice messages.  Had surgery tuesday.  The doc said he added an extra loop(?).  Seems to have went well.  Pink toes, not much pain, and a much bigger cast than last time.  The doc said he “can’t fathom” how it happened.  My PT guy was shocked too.  1st post op is wed morning, looking foward to the boot and some wheelchair workouts.  Did some light weight “arm biking” to get my heart rate up.   This is turning into quite an adventure.  I got some perspective from Dan Millman’s website/blog.  He wrote  the Way Of The Peaceful Warrior.  “The injury is your training” (or something like that).

For some reason I can’t get my computer to leave comments on other posts, so it is not that I’m being rude.  Good luck and best wishes to all.  Now I guess I’ll be looking for a gal that likes 2 cool scars


bad news

6 1/2 weeks post op.  Had been working and walking with the boot.  Yesteday was the day the doc said to ditch the boot.  Had a good PT, hit the gym, returned my wheelchair.  Went for a bch cruiser ride.  Lost my ballance and caught myself with my right(bad) leg.  Hit once, twice and felt the pop.  Got to my surgeons office and he confirmed a rerupture.  He was surprised it happened that far out.  I go back into surgery this afternoon.  Wow.

Once again, it is one day at a time


6 Weeks and fired up

Today is six weeks post op.  I have been walking in the boot for a week.  Not much arch support.  I even went back to my night job as a waiter (a slow one), with a few sympathy tips.  My doc says to ditch the boot in 4 more days.  Wow.  Just the mobilty of the boot has been amazing.  Driving is insane.  I keep trying to send messages to myself 7 weeks ago, that things will be ok.  It will be awhile until I can resume full lifeguard duties, as sprinting barefoot on the sand is part of the job.  PT is also going well.  Getting some gym and pool time, which is nice.  The rental folks are coming pick up the wheelchair today.  The chair was a great workout, but I can’t say I’m sorry to see it go.

I realize I have been very lucky so far.  I am trying not to rush or push it.  I wish everyone the best.  Keep your spirits up.

Now to find a single gal in N FL that digs a cool scar

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