30 Week+ Update

Posted on October 25, 2009.

Just thought I’d stop by and give an update on how things have progressed with the injury. I really don’t think about it much anymore, other than some general soreness when the day is over. There’s also some resistance in the lower calf, which I think is some left over scar tissue.

For those who this just happened to, or are sitting on a couch bored out of their minds, I can say that this injury played a huge role in maturing me. Strange as it may seem, I think that had this not happened to me, I would be worse off than I am now. Those 6 weeks of not being able to get around caused me to slow down and spend some time remembering what really matters. I learned to be more compassionate to others who had debilitating injuries (often permanent). I learned to find value in being still and quiet with my own thoughts (sans computer or other technology). I spent some great time with my wife and two young kids. I had people from my church make meals, visit and encourage me. I got to spend 3 weeks driving back and forth with my best friend to work, which I would have never done, had it not been for the injury.

So - you read all the above and ask, isn’t there a better way to learn this? I would say no. I truly believe that God - who plans and permits all things - did this for my good. I know that now. I didn’t know it then. Be patient. See what happens. It might teach you a lesson or 20.

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