Few vids. Recovery work and some fun

Some of the vids not included in previous posts. As headline says, alternating work with fun coming from doing the exercises I am allowed to, helped me a lot. Before my ATR bar muscle up was one of my crossfit challenges, I got two or three in one year. During the injury I lost weight [...]

17 weeks post surgery

No post, no comment,… this blog helped me a lot during the first days. I am embarrassed but it is true, the more you get deeper into your rutine less time to write and share the journey.
Today 14th October, 117 days, week 17 after the surgery, I am quite well recovered. Last week I was [...]

Walking on my toes

Hi all, I am on my week 12 and not able to walk on my toes. I can go up onto my toes without any support but I cannot do even one step. Tryed between parallels and it requires a big effort.
Anyone had same problem?
Updated.. after a few days of work …

Training, workouts weeks 9, 10

After my recovery in the beach, got back home putting myself in a more severe routine.
Swimming is one the recommendations Dr done. I do swim 1000m splitted in two sessions. As not too fan of swimming, I do it more intense (remember I am a crossfitter), two different trainings I imagined, #1 every ten pools [...]

First two post cast removal (weeks 7,8)

It is hard finding time to update the blog as I’d like too. So I will be uploading basic core of few post (images, videos) and add some content every gap I have using the smartphone.
On August 31st my cast was finally, removed. My doctor tried to postpone the apppointment due to agenda problems… :P…better [...]

General blog question…problem uploading images

Anyone having problems to upload images? Not being able to find the way to fix it, when I try to insert an image in a post, … action last forever :C
P.S. sorry if not the right place. Failed to find a solution in wordpress

Training routines before PWB

Getting used to do some sport and going through the recovery are not incompatible at all. I’ll be collecting the workouts I am doing in this post.
During the first weeks my workouts were done at home, finally I moved to a calisthenic park near home. Working out outdoors is my choice once that pain is [...]

Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead

Here it goes! no sutures at all!
Yesterday had my second appointment wiht my Doc. She removed sutures and put a new cast setting my ankle at 90º. No pain while angle was chaged so this are going well.
Reading few of your blogs I see I am following the most conservative ATR.In two weeks I’ll be [...]

Lessons learned

During my ATR I discovered by my own few “tips” that helped me a lot. Few of them should be part of the instructions received after the surgery.

Crutches grip.I used standard tennis overgrip on “grip” crutches. It works, but do not choose the white ones (I took the one’s I had by hand)
Walking on cruthes. [...]

My Achilles rupture recovery. Will be back to CrossFit?

Decided to start writing my experience dealing with Achilles problems in my feet.
Six months ago I started my recovery after a Haglund surgery on my left foot. Last June 21st 2018, just left the hospital after a chirurgical process on my right leg after having a rupture few days ago.
My intention is to share both [...]