Walking on my toes

Hi all, I am on my week 12 and not able to walk on my toes. I can go up onto my toes without any support but I cannot do even one step. Tryed between parallels and it requires a big effort.

Anyone had same problem?

Updated.. after a few days of work …

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  1. You need to keep strengthening everything. :) It just takes time and work. If you have access to a pool start doing it there first. There will be much less load on your feet. I started walking barefoot in a pool since my doc would NOT let me go barefoot for quite a while. In the pool I could concentrate on walking properly and exaggerating the steps to strengthen and stretch all the muscles/tendons/ligaments. My doc wanted to make sure all the surrounding muscles/ligaments/tendons were strong enough to support everything and that the bone was built back up after being NWB for 6 weeks before he would let me go barefoot.

  2. Hi cserpent, thanks a lof for your answer. After working in the pool, bike intervals (1 minute up, 2 minutes sitted), and bosu I am doing some improvements. Think also have to fight against my fears.
    In the morning I recorded a video… not too proud of body position… will record a new one in the weekend trying to do it better!!

  3. Master plus - I am 12 weeks as well and no way I can walk on my toes; this is still a long way out for me for what its worth.

  4. I am a year out and just NOW feeling like I can walk on my tip toes and feel back to normal. Its crazy how long certain things take and each person is different.

    Listen to CSERPENT she is QUEEN BEE. LOL.

  5. LOL! I’m no queen bee! Hahahahaha! I can only relate what my doc requires and since I know it worked well for my right foot I’m happy to follow the same protocol for my left. Walking on tip toes??? I checked back on my blog and at week 15 I JUST started going to tip toes. At week 18 I could only do 10 consecutive standing calf raises…. so I wasn’t walking on tip toes at that point :)

  6. It is crazy, I do not understand how human body works, … It is week 21, I walk quite well and start running softly (few 100 of meters), I back squat my body weight without problems…but walking on tip toes is still challenging!

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