General blog question…problem uploading images

Anyone having problems to upload images? Not being able to find the way to fix it, when I try to insert an image in a post, … action last forever :C


P.S. sorry if not the right place. Failed to find a solution in wordpress

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  1. Hi masterplus40! I found that the only way to add an image is by going to your dashboard, click on the “add new” under media and add your picture. I also have to use the “browser uploader” link since I’m still on windows xp. Once your media is added, click on the “Library” link under media, bring your cursor over the picture you just uploaded and click on “view”. Now copy the URL for that picture since you’ll need that in order to add it to your post.

    Now start your post (or edit your post). Click on the HTML tab, click your cursor where you want the picture inserted, then click on “img”, paste in the url you copied for the picture, click OK, enter a description, click OK and you’re done. Click on the “visual” tab to see how things look.

  2. Hi csperpent… your solution worked for me. Thanks. Do yo resize the image before uploading?


  3. I’m glad it worked for you!

    If you click on the html tab, then add width=300 right before src=… it will shrink the picture size down. Or you can resize before uploading.

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