Training routines before PWB

Getting used to do some sport and going through the recovery are not incompatible at all. I’ll be collecting the workouts I am doing in this post.

During the first weeks my workouts were done at home, finally I moved to a calisthenic park near home. Working out outdoors is my choice once that pain is under controlled and you are confident in using crutches. As said many times in the blog, always do what your Dr recommends. Do not take any risk while healing.

Unique aparatus I bought was one ot those ab-wheels. A small piece of foam is a must if you want to save your knees.

Weeks #1 to #3

Knee pushups. 100 reps, sets of 10 reps, different apertures (regular, diamond, high), diffenent tempos (3 seconds down, 1 sec down), lizard, one arm are some of the variations I did. When I got confidence, I moved to one leg push up (operated leg on top of safe leg)

Ab-wheel. I started with 40 reps (sets of 10 reps). Today I am doing 90 reps, sets of 15

Hollow rocks and supermans. Tabatas.

Weeks #4 & #5

Shoulder work:

EMOM 20 mins: hollow rock, knee plank (rising arm and opposite leg) right hand, knee plack left arm, superman

EMOM Every 1:30min, 5 sets of following 3 exercises (so work during 22 mins 30 sec) on parallels bar: 10 dips, 1 walk through parallels back and forth, 10 straight dips

Pike Press (operated leg on healthy leg): 3 sets of 12 reps

Cash out #1: 3 sets of, 5 strict chest to bar, 5 plyo pullup (releasing hands )

Cash out #2: in the high bar, 3 sets of 5 knees to elbow, 3 sets of L-sit 20 secs

Pullups workout:

Cash in#1: 21-15-9, 1 leg air squat, 1 leg bulgarian lunge

Cash in #2: 3 sets of, 3 strict chest to bar, 3 plyo pullup (releasing hands )

EMOM for 25 mins: 8 chinups, 8 strict pullups, 12 commando pullups , 8 L-situp pullups, 8 close grip pullup

EMOM for 20 mins on zigzag bar:5 strict pullups parallel grip, 5 strict pullups right-angle grip

Mobility: 3 sets of 12 reps, thoracic spine, cat/cow (back)

wrist mobility (my right hand is causing problems, hate crutches)

Biceps focused workout:

Cash in: EMOM 18, legs workout, 3 sets, 6 exercises to choose from, 12 reps/set

Biceps: EMOM 30 minutes, 5 sets, 6 exercises, 8 head bangers over the bar, 8 head bangers down the bar, 12 to 16 reps head banger combo, 8 pronated head bangers, 8 hammer pullups, 8 close grip pull ups (

Cash out: 3 sets of 12 reps, 1 leged dead lifts (used crutch to stabilize), 12 1 legged squat with bench (2 seconds down, 1 sec stop, explosive up)

3 Responses to “Training routines before PWB”

  1. Great suggestions on a workout routine. In the process of ordering an ab-wheel. Great ideas, thanks for sharing.

  2. That’s a solid workout routine! I’ve been doing the upper body P90x workouts. Of course I’ve had to modify to do the moves with my knee resting on a chair or sitting. Also keep my knee elevated on push ups which I think will help with hamstring and hip strength.

    Good luck and happy healing!

  3. @jeff16 …P90x…seems to be hard so funny..Will try it!
    Doing whatever exercise my healing allows to is really important for keeping myself positive. Not everyday I wake up in good mood, first six weeks looks like twelve, so that when I see black clouds on top of my head, I take myself to the park, or just lay on the floor and do few tens of push-ups. My family do not deserve a bad answer or my bad mood so it is great having a hobby/obligation. Endorphins are welcomed! (:D)

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