Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead

Here it goes! no sutures at all!

Yesterday had my second appointment wiht my Doc. She removed sutures and put a new cast setting my ankle at 90º. No pain while angle was chaged so this are going well.

Reading few of your blogs I see I am following the most conservative ATR.In two weeks I’ll be saying goodbye to my cast! (:D) and start rehabilitation. My doctor said at least 2 months.

Questions I need to ask on my next appointement:

  • When will I be cleared for driving?
  • Today I am waliking on crutches (only like them as help me keeping my#hookgrip and shoulders active), another conservative aproach,jumm… so the question is, how long will I have to use them?

Will do some search in your blogs. Sure I’lll find some answers.

<I am saving this space for uploading two images, suture removed, crutches hookgrip! tech problems today>

One Response to “Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead”

  1. I wasn’t cleared for driving until the 6 week mark. That is because I was NWB for 6 weeks (haglunds surgery). Ask your doc - she’ll be able to give you a good idea when she’ll give you the OK to drive. Your foot has to have the strength and flexibility to push the pedal. I got the OK at 6 weeks because from week 3-6 I was in the boot and did the mobility exercises my doc told me to do.

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