Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead

Here it goes! no sutures at all!

Yesterday had my second appointment wiht my Doc. She removed sutures and put a new cast setting my ankle at 90º. No pain while angle was chaged so this are going well.

Reading few of your blogs I see I am following the most conservative ATR.In two weeks I’ll be saying goodbye to my cast! (:D) and start rehabilitation. My doctor said at least 2 months.

Questions I need to ask on my next appointement:

  • When will I be cleared for driving?
  • Today I am waliking on crutches (only like them as help me keeping my#hookgrip and shoulders active), another conservative aproach,jumm… so the question is, how long will I have to use them?

Will do some search in your blogs. Sure I’lll find some answers.

<I am saving this space for uploading two images, suture removed, crutches hookgrip! tech problems today>
Sutures removed
Crutches hookgrip

5 Responses to “Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead”

  1. I wasn’t cleared for driving until the 6 week mark. That is because I was NWB for 6 weeks (haglunds surgery). Ask your doc - she’ll be able to give you a good idea when she’ll give you the OK to drive. Your foot has to have the strength and flexibility to push the pedal. I got the OK at 6 weeks because from week 3-6 I was in the boot and did the mobility exercises my doc told me to do.

  2. Hi cserpent, my cast was removed after 6 weeks. In one week I recovered quite a lot of ankle mobility. Few days later I tried a short driving…it was great!

    I am being more than lucky with my recovery. After 12 days I was able to walk with only one crutch, ankle slightly inflamated at the end of the day

    Need some time to collect the complete process, and media, … in advance… my doctor and all the PTs are more than impressed on how fast I am recovering. It is week 9, I can walk without crutches, eventually limping but free of pain on my heel at the end of the day and ….going everywhere in my car :D

  3. Yeah I am 9 weeks post surgery, Two shoes with wedges, driving, and walking short distances, up to .75 miles; limp is going away. PT twice a week until now, ongoing at once per week. Gotta do the work every day, bear down thru the exercises and believe that your body will respond.I am working out up to 1.5 hrs each day, having the luxury of being retired. If you really want to see how hard you can work, check out Agnes’s blog. She has the most detailed chronology and workout routine (with vids) that I have seen on the blog site. I find that a high quality compression sock helps control the swelling and relieves much of the heel and calf pain, along with icing, icing, icing. I really believe I will be playing golf and riding my bike before the end of the season - still have 8 weeks in our climate. Woo hoo!

  4. My doc didn’t have me start any “official” PT until I was full time in 2-shoes for my right foot (10 weeks). I was doing plenty of my own PT that I had the doctor OK to improve flexibility. At my first PT appt my PT guy was quite surprised that I wasn’t using any crutches to walk - LOL! I was surprised that some people at 10 weeks were still using crutches. But I got a lot of good information from this blog site to help me progress as rapidly as I could and I had some serious motivation since I wanted to get back to playing soccer as soon as I could.

  5. In my case, I started using one crutch end of week 7. No crutches one week later

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