Few vids. Recovery work and some fun

Some of the vids not included in previous posts. As headline says, alternating work with fun coming from doing the exercises I am allowed to, helped me a lot. Before my ATR bar muscle up was one of my crossfit challenges, I got two or three in one year. During the injury I lost weight (7 kilograms, 15 pounds) and muscle. Work in the high bar, pull-ups, chin-ups in thousands of variations is something we all can do in a safe environment even wearing the boot/cast. On week 13 I found I could do muscle ups on bar, you can see in a vid that I am using a low-height bar and jumping on the “jumpling allowed” leg.

Week #12

Week #13

Week #14

17 weeks post surgery

No post, no comment,… this blog helped me a lot during the first days. I am embarrassed but it is true, the more you get deeper into your rutine less time to write and share the journey.

Today 14th October, 117 days, week 17 after the surgery, I am quite well recovered. Last week I was cleared for doing landings from a small height, … sincerely I am not doing that. I have no fear of jumping, but I do not want to compromise my tendon. I still do not have enough strength in my calf . My PT is too entusiastic on my recovery but I prefer staying in the safe way.

…Strength, never thought of it, but although not able to walk on my toes or walking fast, had no problem in doing a pistol (it was week 15) on a bosu. I was only trying to test myself. A pistol is an exercise somewhat challenging, after these months I didn’t expect my legs (even the good one) will recall how to do a pistol. Making things easier I decided to try it on a bosu… (don’t do that my friends, no benefit at all)

I hired a personal trainer to help me in my recovery. I will be focused in recovering calf strength, legs imbalances and walking without limping. Two days per week I’ll be doing:
- Calf raises (elevated full ROM) with one dumbbell): 4 sets, 12-15 reps, tempo 3-1-1-0 (60 seconds rest between sets)
- Farmer’s walk 20-40 meters (2 dumbbells/Kettlebells): 30-40m (small but secure steps): 4 sets (120 sec rest)
- Split squats front foot elevated (2 dumbbells/kettlebells): 4 sets, 12-15 reps, tempo 3-0-1-0 (60 sec rest)
- Romanian Deadlift wth dumbbells: 5 sets, 10-12 reps, tempo 3-0-1-0 (120 sec rest)

Hard work !

Walking on my toes

Hi all, I am on my week 12 and not able to walk on my toes. I can go up onto my toes without any support but I cannot do even one step. Tryed between parallels and it requires a big effort.

Anyone had same problem?

Updated.. after a few days of work …

Training, workouts weeks 9, 10

After my recovery in the beach, got back home putting myself in a more severe routine.

Swimming is one the recommendations Dr done. I do swim 1000m splitted in two sessions. As not too fan of swimming, I do it more intense (remember I am a crossfitter), two different trainings I imagined, #1 every ten pools I do 25 unbroken pushups, #2 three minutes of maximum pools distance, three minutes rest, three sets

When I train in the calisthenics park, I am combining EMOMs in high bar, parallels, pushups with strength workouts, pyramids, pull ups with tempo. One of major achievements has been doing bar muscle up. Before the rupture bmsup was one of the exercises I was quite inconsistent. I am working on it at the beginning of my sessions. I did three consecutive few days ago. Many weaknesses to work on

Almost every day I am doing:


Ankle mobility… Still in bed deforestation getting up

Calisthenics park. 15 minutes walking on the sand while I warm up shoulders, chest, wrists

Three sets of isometric wall sit quads.2 minutes each set

One or two EMOMs, strength … whatever I planned for the day

500 -600m swimming. Takes 15-18 min

Calf stretching

- Afternoon.
Swimming second session

2 more sets of calf strength exercises with electrostimulation

First two post cast removal (weeks 7,8)

It is hard finding time to update the blog as I’d like too. So I will be uploading basic core of few post (images, videos) and add some content every gap I have using the smartphone.

On August 31st my cast was finally, removed. My doctor tried to postpone the apppointment due to agenda problems… :P…better kill me!!…This is how my leg looked like. Tones of death skin so I recommend you take some moist towel to clean before getting to the street!
Just after getting cast removed

Just when I got home went to the pool..(after a deep clean). Great sensation! Brif quiz. Guess which leg is the one operated in the following image :D
Compare both legs!!

I took above photo just after the pool. Felt great… about the quiz.. my right leg, the injured is the one in a flip-flop … apparently there was no big muscular difference. I expected to see my tendon pretty much thicker.. good!

Next two weeks I moved to the North of Spain, looking for good weather, beach, amazing places and great food! My first short walk on crutches, 1 day after getting cast off.

Lack of mobility is quite obvious, my ankele got inflamated quite easily so as soon as I could I put my foot on ice. During the hours in the car used Ice Power, a cold gel, do not expect to reduce inflamation, but will alleviate it.

Most incredible thing, is how my mind worked those days. Before getting cast removed, I felt strong, I was able to do some good one-leg workouts, was self-suficient … after having the cast removed, I felt weak again. This feeling stayed with me during these two weeks. I presume this must be a self protective reaction, day after day I felt better, being more confident again while doing common things as playing with my kids in the sea.

Walking on day seventh after cast removal:

Every two days I worked with a PT, 1 hour, focusing on ankle mobility and softening the scare and removing tissues. It didn’t hurt, cold sweating on first appointment. Additionally, every day I worked in these two aspects with some of the exercises very well documented in

Some videos going through them while seating in the beach:

Self massaging scare:

I am convinced that my recovery went so well (not my words but Dr and PT ones) because of my persistence working on the foot, 5,6 times a day…and mainly thanks to barefoot walking on the sand. This irregular suface is really challenging and I believe it worked for me.

As said many times in this blog. My intention is to collect what I did, always under the supervision of professionals.

General blog question…problem uploading images

Anyone having problems to upload images? Not being able to find the way to fix it, when I try to insert an image in a post, … action last forever :C


P.S. sorry if not the right place. Failed to find a solution in wordpress

Training routines before PWB

Getting used to do some sport and going through the recovery are not incompatible at all. I’ll be collecting the workouts I am doing in this post.

During the first weeks my workouts were done at home, finally I moved to a calisthenic park near home. Working out outdoors is my choice once that pain is under controlled and you are confident in using crutches. As said many times in the blog, always do what your Dr recommends. Do not take any risk while healing.

Unique aparatus I bought was one ot those ab-wheels. A small piece of foam is a must if you want to save your knees.

Weeks #1 to #3

Knee pushups. 100 reps, sets of 10 reps, different apertures (regular, diamond, high), diffenent tempos (3 seconds down, 1 sec down), lizard, one arm are some of the variations I did. When I got confidence, I moved to one leg push up (operated leg on top of safe leg)

Ab-wheel. I started with 40 reps (sets of 10 reps). Today I am doing 90 reps, sets of 15

Hollow rocks and supermans. Tabatas.

Weeks #4 & #5

Shoulder work:

EMOM 20 mins: hollow rock, knee plank (rising arm and opposite leg) right hand, knee plack left arm, superman

EMOM Every 1:30min, 5 sets of following 3 exercises (so work during 22 mins 30 sec) on parallels bar: 10 dips, 1 walk through parallels back and forth, 10 straight dips

Pike Press (operated leg on healthy leg): 3 sets of 12 reps

Cash out #1: 3 sets of, 5 strict chest to bar, 5 plyo pullup (releasing hands )

Cash out #2: in the high bar, 3 sets of 5 knees to elbow, 3 sets of L-sit 20 secs

Pullups workout:

Cash in#1: 21-15-9, 1 leg air squat, 1 leg bulgarian lunge

Cash in #2: 3 sets of, 3 strict chest to bar, 3 plyo pullup (releasing hands )

EMOM for 25 mins: 8 chinups, 8 strict pullups, 12 commando pullups , 8 L-situp pullups, 8 close grip pullup

EMOM for 20 mins on zigzag bar:5 strict pullups parallel grip, 5 strict pullups right-angle grip

Mobility: 3 sets of 12 reps, thoracic spine, cat/cow (back)

wrist mobility (my right hand is causing problems, hate crutches)

Biceps focused workout:

Cash in: EMOM 18, legs workout, 3 sets, 6 exercises to choose from https://youtu.be/ZeRsNzFcQLQ, 12 reps/set

Biceps: EMOM 30 minutes, 5 sets, 6 exercises, 8 head bangers over the bar, 8 head bangers down the bar, 12 to 16 reps head banger combo, 8 pronated head bangers, 8 hammer pullups, 8 close grip pull ups (https://youtu.be/LPQSm5megAo)

Cash out: 3 sets of 12 reps, 1 leged dead lifts (used crutch to stabilize), 12 1 legged squat with bench (2 seconds down, 1 sec stop, explosive up)

Day 27th. Sutures removed! One step ahead

Here it goes! no sutures at all!

Yesterday had my second appointment wiht my Doc. She removed sutures and put a new cast setting my ankle at 90º. No pain while angle was chaged so this are going well.

Reading few of your blogs I see I am following the most conservative ATR.In two weeks I’ll be saying goodbye to my cast! (:D) and start rehabilitation. My doctor said at least 2 months.

Questions I need to ask on my next appointement:

  • When will I be cleared for driving?
  • Today I am waliking on crutches (only like them as help me keeping my#hookgrip and shoulders active), another conservative aproach,jumm… so the question is, how long will I have to use them?

Will do some search in your blogs. Sure I’lll find some answers.

<I am saving this space for uploading two images, suture removed, crutches hookgrip! tech problems today>
Sutures removed
Crutches hookgrip

Lessons learned

During my ATR I discovered by my own few “tips” that helped me a lot. Few of them should be part of the instructions received after the surgery.

  • Crutches grip.I used standard tennis overgrip on “grip” crutches. It works, but do not choose the white ones (I took the one’s I had by hand)
  • Walking on cruthes. This image is quite descriptive: https://goo.gl/images/XBDQrN (not able to upload it today, will try other day)
  • Stools. Saved my life!, have one in the kitchen and other in the bathroom. You have to learn doing usual things as saving or cooking… seated! Your “healthy” leg will appreciate that
  • Jumping on one leg. No, no.. although it can be faster is better moving on crutches usign physics properties like slidding or pushing…. even crutches can be used for grabbing things.
  • Backpack. Found quite useful using a small backpack even at home. I will save plenty of trips!
  • Daily streching. Recomended in your safe leg (calf, quadriceps), gluteus and low back. Depending on how you are, arms and shoulders will require some time also. What to use? As in every thing I do these days I try to modify my routines, so I can be using Compex, elastic bands or foam roller.
  • Cruthes vs other… Got tired of crutches. Next time will try solutions like iWALK. After 36 days on cruthces, my hip and lower back are praying for getting my cast removed
  • Heparin shots. Do it seated! As I am obsessed with being independent, minimizing my trips around the house, …I used to do my shots standing up in my way from the medicine chest to the trash bin (:C)

My Achilles rupture recovery. Will be back to CrossFit?

Decided to start writing my experience dealing with Achilles problems in my feet.

Six months ago I started my recovery after a Haglund surgery on my left foot. Last June 21st 2018, just left the hospital after a chirurgical process on my right leg after having a rupture few days ago.
My intention is to share both experiences hoping they can help someone going through similar situations.

Football (soccer) is the sport I did for many years. Suffered from tendinitis treated properly by Doctors, Fisioterapist, and always recovered. When playing squash was my hobby, had few more tendinitis, bursitis, etc. Now, hoping to get back to it, I do CrossFit.

CrossFit is said to be risky, I do not agree. If you have a good coach and you are not too manly selecting weights you will be on the safe side.

I got injured playing soccer with my kids and friends. Nothing rude. According to what doctors said, it’d happen even walking or taking the stairs. No previous alert nor pain in the previous months.

Up to now, I can say it’s been painful. I stopped taking painkillers jus three days after leaving the hospital. Since then my recovery is going quite well. Tomorrow I will have my second follow-up visit with my doctor, I expect sutures to be removed and cast angle modified.

This is how it looked like on first visit

First post op look

Reading above lines, all seems to be fine. First days after getting injured were not so good. I have been working hard during the last years, 2018 summer holidays were going to be a kind of compensation, pure joy no job. Two things helped me changing my negative thoughts, my wife (thanks again and again Bea) and my surgeon. Since then I have tried to mantain positive, getting my day fully occupied doing my best to get recovered as soon as possible. This is another stone in one’s life and all that you can do is going over it. No more complains, just do it.

Keeping myself busy:

  • Time for the body: isometrics, knee extensions, knee push-ups, electro-stimulation
  • Time for the brain: started learning French, work from home about 1 hour, reading

Got my RM results previous to surgery, perhaps some of you can confirm what I think is the “gap” in the achilles :D

    Looking for my Achilles :C