Great Half

Okay, more inspiring news…I just ran a half-marathon yesterday and it felt great!  It was really slow for me (am used to about 1:30-ish and this was right at 2 hours) but I had some upper GI distress AND the pace was still right where I’d hoped.  The REALLY good news is the heel didn’t even offer to hurt, get sore or even get tired!!!  It’s amazing to wake up the morning after an effort like that and not have to limp!!  I would have never believed this would be possible 6 months ago…it really feels like a miracle!  I want to give my surgeon a big wet kiss :-)

2 Responses to “Great Half”

  1. Sounds great, MM, keep it up!

  2. Congrats! As someone who had to forfeit two half marathons and a full marathon this fall, your tale is inspiring.

    i went non-surgical, so i guess i can just kiss my wife for supporting me ;)

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