Great Results at Tri!

Hi All,

Reporting back…I had a great result from my tri on Sat.  My swim was  a little slower than last year but the bike and run were much faster so my overall time was almost eleven minutes faster than last year!!!  Regarding the run, I intentionally didn’t push it and it was really hilly, so I brisk-walked up many of the hills and just kept the rest steady and easy.  The AT got a little tired around 4.5 miles (it had already accomplished a really hilly 30-mile bike ride), so I just cruised in and enjoyed the experience.  It was nice to be able to finish strongly and be able to walk around without limping afterward!!!  What a WILD feeling!  So…needless to say, this does work, it heals, and I am really feeling confident it will be better than ever (at least better than the last 10 years).  The main thing I have tried to do is be judicious about taking rest days and listening to my body, which is something I had little experience doing pre-ATR :-) 

I have a half-marathon planned for Sunday and am planning to use the same strategy…namely, to just take it easy, listen carefully to the heal and enjoy the experience of healing and getting stronger.

For all you serious athletes out there, I can say with confidence that I will ultimately see this injury as a real learning experience and that in the long run, it’s the longevity of one’s ability to be active that really counts.

Happy healing,


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! And thanks for the inspiration - I’m 3 weeks post-Op and it gives me great hope to read stories like yours!!! Good luck with your half!

  2. fair play to you my friend as the last poster said , things like this help inspire the rest of us starting out or along the path.

  3. Yes…that’s why I’m writing! Just to recap where I started for referenced, mine started way back when (over 2 years ago) with a Haglund’s deformity which I finally had removed July 2009. I was cleared to run again about 6 weeks after surgery, but noticed the pain was stubborn, slow to subside and the tendon kept “catching”. Thinking nothing of it (I had the same thing on my other heel in 2005 and it took forever to finally feel normal), I kept increasing the training load until it finally popped in a race in Jan. 2010. Surgery repaired it in Feb. 2010 (the tear was really close to the heel bone, so they put in some titanium screws and sewed the tendon together). My normally aggressive doc. was uncharacteristically conservative about my recovery, and I was not cleared to even attempt running again until mid-August. Well, I started then, and had “ups” and “downs” for about six weeks, but then around the beginning of Oct. things really started to feel good. Like I said, it still gets tired and sore, but it’s a good soreness rather than pain. I try to take ample rest days and don’t plan any heavy loading like speed or interval work until after the first of the year. Realistically, I don’t expect it to feel completely normal until at least a year post-op; however, every little step is a victory to me, and I have adopted the attitude to enjoy where I am in my recovery. Anyone who is on a more aggressive program and doing well should expect even better, in my book…I’m not a young’un either, so I feel like there’s real hope in recovering from this injury. You guys hang in there, and I’ll keep reporting good news as it comes! MM

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