Strange Soreness


I am wondering if anyone else has experienced this.  Last week marked my second week back to running (4 days each week at 3 miles each run — really slow).  After my run yesterday, my heel got really sore around the outside of the ankle.  My rupture was low (at the place I had surgery over a year ago for Haglunds deformity).  I noticed I had to favor it yesterday during the run, and this morning I am having to limp.  There is no swelling, which seems odd, and teh tendon itself is not  painful to the touch.  I can toe-up fine.  I am really scared of re-rupture, although I am already 7 months out from surgery.  My husband thinks it is all psychological, but the pain is real and needless to say, it worries me!  Does this sound normal?  Thanks!!  MM

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  1. My guess, and that is all it is, is that the problem is overuse, You were unable to run for 31 weeks and also even unable to walk for a good part of those 31 weeks. I really think that to go from zero runs from 31 weeks to running 4 days a week for two weeks is too much too soon. I wouldn’t run more than 3 days a week for probably 3-4 weeks and then increase it to 4 days a week.

  2. If it is any consolation, my heel still gets sore when I overdo it. I wish my calf would get sore more, but it is usually the heel and even the top of my foot. Go figure. I get paranoid that it is where the achilles connects to the heel bone…don’t want that ripping off.

  3. Pete, is it actually the back of your heel (where the AT really connects) that gets sore?

  4. Hi Guys,
    Gerry, thanks so much for the advice. It’s hard to get my head around the fact that 3 miles of jogging 4 days a week could be overdoing, since I’ve been a 40-70 mile a week runner for so many years. However, this appears to be exactly the case!!! Taking your advice, I took Mon. and Tues. off, and when I ran yesterday, I was able to add another whole mile…so I did 4 miles, still easy but feeling more “normal”, and it felt great!! Heel is a little sore this morning so no running today. It’s not nearly as bad as it was Sunday. Seems to not like running more than one day in a row, so that is how I will go and just try and be more keen on listening to my body.

    Pete, that pain in the back of your heel sounds almost like it could be a small Haglunds (this is what I dealt with for so many years). Basically, this is where the heel bone actually grows out and protrudes into the tendon, causing pain. I had it in both heels, and because I apparently waited too long to get the second one fixed, it weakened my tendon and caused my rupture, which was right at the insertion point. I’m not trying to scare you, but pay attention to it. Is it swollen or red? Does it hurt when you mash on it? If this is the case, you might want to get it checked just to make sure. Mine were diagnosed with a simple in-house x-ray. Keep us posted.

  5. Isn’t that something the “foot and ankle specialist” who did my surgery would know to look for? I don’t think my rupture was on the heel, but it was low I think. My heels have always tightened up and been sore after exercise, but that was explained to me as the result of the tendon under the foot getting overworked (and pulling on the heel) due to too much supination. I would say it is tender to the touch…I will monitor and maybe go back for an x-ray. Thanks for the advice.

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