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It’s been some time since I’ve posted, primarily due to July just being a crazy month!!  I had my 40th birthday on July 4, and have been traveling a lot this month on business stuff.  Now I am finally home for a while, thank goodness!  My question is whether this is normal…I’ve been on my foot more lately (more golf, albeit riding a cart), and more walking around (we were in Charleston this past weekend and I did a lot of walking in the markets downtown…gorgeous place!).  All during June, it felt really good; I’ve been able to get up to 45 single-leg non-assisted calf raises and it seems like the strength is at least equal to that of the “good” leg.  However, in the past week, I’ve noticed more soreness and a lot more swelling.  I am scheduled to start back running on Aug. 16, but I am worried that when that date gets here, I will still be afraid, psychologically, to get out there and do it.  I have a couple of fall tris and races I really want to do, but this could be premature.  I surely don’t want this thing to re-rupture; that is my major fear!  My surgery was Feb. 2 so at the first of Aug., I’ll be a full six months out from surgery.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Maybe I am just overdoing (which I am prone to do :-)

Thanks!  MM

2 Responses to “Swelling”

  1. My old conservative surgeon gave me the most conservative guideline I’ve ever heard, for a return to high-risk sports: “When you can do a bunch of 1-leg heel raises without grunting or groaning, you’re ready.”

    I haven’t checked your grunting or groaning, but 45 sure sounds like a bunch to me!

    I’d assume you’re ready. If it swells, elevate and ice, then run some more!

  2. I just saw this and agree with Norm. If you can do that many single leg heel lifts, you should be good to do just about anything you want. I can’t even manage 6 of them and I’m running, although not all that fast.

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