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Hi All,

I am happy to report that I had a surgeon follow-up appointment yesterday and he told me that I don’t need to make any more appointments with him, that I am doing great, and to have a nice life!  He checked the wound which is now really looking good, checked strength and told me to continue working to build strength.  He said go ahead and do one-leg heel raises per feel, and trying standing up in the saddle on the bike.  I went to a spin class last night and did a lot of standing, and it felt really strong.  This morning, it is not too sore…just a little muscle soreness.  He wants me to start doing the elliptical without hands.  The elliptical is really boring!!!  I am up to 3000 yards of swimming.  Would like to do this every day but time won’t allow…between the law practice and a mother with Alzheimers my plate is pretty full these days.  He told me to wait two months to start running again.  I plan to follow that advice to a “tee” because I don’t want to even attempt running until there is absolutely no pain.  Don’t even know if I’ll be psychologically ready to start in mid-August, especically considering my sad fitness and the heat around here.  That’s a wait and see….

Other good news…I can do down stairs practically normally now.  Actually, if I think about it I can do down completely normally.  I guess I’ve been so used to sidestepping stairs (for years now due to all the pain in the heel), that I am having to work on new “form” habits.  It’s weird to feel normal again!  The only thing I noticed that I’m not satisfied with is the ROM on the repaired foot is not nearly as good as that on the “good” foot; however, the doctor says the ROM on the repaired foot is actually “better” because it indicates a stronger joint and that actually, I have a little bit too much ROM in the “good” foot.  Naturally, that concerns me about the strength of the good side.  I guess I have a lot of strength training on both sides in my future.

Finally, a bit of advice about the scar.  I’ve been using Mederma for scarring.  It’s a bit pricey and you have to remember to apply it 3-4 times a day but the stuff really works!  I am already seeing results.  Anyone else tried this?

Okay, hope y’all are healing well.  I’m seeing a lot of new members here; I am glad you have found us but not so glad you had to!

Take care,

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  1. Sounds good, MM. About that ROM: Your healing ankle can’t dorsiflex as far as your other side, but it can plantarflex at least as far, if not farther? This is what I got from the surgery on my first ATR (8-ish yrs ago), and my surgeon said “Good, that’s what I was after.” It seemed to work fine, so I didn’t mind.

    About walking downstairs: A number of us have used walking downstairs as an exercise. If you’re strong enough to step down onto your “bad” toe, then lower your heel down slowly before you step over that foot with the “good” foot, then every stairwell is like doing “2 feet up, 1 foot down” eccentric calf exercises. Doug53 mentioned a while ago that he still “bounces” on his way down stairs, as exercise, and I’ve recently started doing that, too.

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