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Hi Folks,

Well, I have more progress to report, and it’s all good!  I got my 15-week post-op checkup yesterday and my doctor was so astounded at the strength I already have back that the whole office was cheering.  He couldn’t believe that my calf is apparently already back to normal size, that I can comfortably stand tippy-toe (I haven’t gotten the nerve to do the one-legged lift yet), and that I am walking with only a barely perceptible limp.  The biggest effect I still feel is that the ROM isn’t quite back yet — I think that’s why I’m scared to go down stairs completely normally.  Also, things are always a little stiff in the mornings but that quickly goes away.

I had a particularly active day Saturday.  Did some biking on an earth cruiser around the neighborhood…racing my husband at full-throttle.  Also I hit a few golf balls and then we went to play and afterparty and were out dancing ’til 2:00 a.m.  I was sore and swollen Sunday so I rested all day, and again yesterday, so today things felt great!

Today I swam 2000 yards, did 10 mins. on the elliptical (tougher than I thought it would be), and lifted weights for 45 mins.  I am pleasantly tired!

The only really stupid risk I took is probably too much beer (it is my substitute for not being able to run).  It tends to make me “feel less pain” :-)

Sounds like some folks out there are making some really good progress!  Seeing that progress has helped me keep my chin up and I think changed my whole attitude about this situation for the better…so a heartfelt thanks is in order!  Now it’s time for me to comment on some of your great posts.

Take care,

3 Responses to “More Progress”

  1. Yay! We’re cheering, too!

  2. Hi Mary

    Congratulations!! Such good news.

    I’m 16.5 weeks post-op, had my last PT and ortho visit today, and was cleared for all sports. Been doing softball (play left field, hit the cycle last week), doubles tennis, 10 mile bike rides, daily 1+ mile beach walks - pressing toe into the sand. Like you not letting the lack of a 1 legged lift stop me from enjoying life.


  3. WOW glad you are doing awesome!! I envy you a bit, I miss the dancing lol Enjoy every minute of it!!

    Tania :o)

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