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Hi All,

Here I am, almost 13 weeks out (I never thought I’d make that far with sanity intact :-) and things are really progressing well.  I am supposed to be barefoot indoors and in boot outdoors until May 17, so that is what I’m doing but I have to tell you this thing feels better now than it has in three years!!!  I am going up and down stairs almost normally, am able to do single calf raises, all with no pain and only a minor feeling of weakness.  It’s almost like a miracle has occurred.  It’s a little tight in the morning first-thing and I have a small amount of that bottom of foot pain but that dissipates almost immediately.  Now my only problem is motivating to get back in shape and I’ve begun consulting with a sports psychologist for that one.  Perhaps I should take up kayak racing more seriously!  :-)

We’re headed out for a nice warm-weather boat ride so I’ll post more later…I am so glad we have this site!!

Take care,

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  1. That’s wonderful, Mary. Great work!


  2. Single-leg calf raises at 12-odd weeks?!?!? Go to the head of the class! (IIRC, that’s a bit faster than the average from the new study from the two state-of-the-art quick-rehab Japanese surgeons, whose study I cite on my blog about studies!)

    But if you can do those, what’s preventing you from going up and down stairs TOTALLY normally? Are you still weak or stiff or nervous when you roll over your foot into a weighted dorsiflexed position? Please don’t take the question as a challenge for you to take chances — I’m just dumbfounded at your calf strength, and wondering what it is that you HAVEN’T recovered yet. (I’m still just shy of a 1-leg heel raise, but my stair-walking is virtually perfect.)

  3. Hi Mary

    Your progress is so rad!!! You are obviously fit. Motivation is a problem, but I think you’ll overcome it. You are competitive.
    At 14 weeks, I try to do activities I like, like walking my dog on the beach 1-2 miles a day, playing “lite” tennis and softball. There is a lot you could do to motivate yourself.
    Be careful kayak RACING… Your tendon won’t be fully healed for a year. The greatest stresses on your AT occur when landing the foot, NOT during pushoff. You ATR’d when landing your foot. Google search “diyinjuryrehab” for a discussion.

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