First REAL Shower!!!

Hi Everyone,

This morning I took my first, REAL, standing barefoot shower!!!  Even though I’m still in the boot with a small wedge ’til Monday (then I’m supposed to take wedge out…I’ll be 12 weeks post-op then), I am able to walk relatively comfortably in both bare feet around the house.  Strangely, the only pain I have is on the bottom of my heel (it feels like I’ve lost all my “padding” there), but that’s not too bad.  There is no pain in the tendon and very little swelling.  The bad foot is just as flexible as the good foot and the tendon is just as thin as the good tendon.  It hasn’t actually looked this GOOD in years.  I told my husband that if I didn’t know better, I would have thought nothing had ever happened!!  I even stood on the bad foot balanced for about 20 secs.  There is a definite loss of strength there but I think overall considering the past several months, this thing is doing really well!!

My doc. told me that I shouldn’t even worry about PT.  Apparently he thinks my active lifestyle (sailing, golf, boating, kayak racing, biking, swimming and eventually running) will be therapy enough.  I plan to start swimming next week and doing heel raises in the water, which is something he told me to do.  My next appt. is May 17 and I fully expect he’ll tell me to completely ditch the boot at that time.   Now that I’m driving, I got a crazy new air intake system put on my Miata to make it faster…sort of a “reward” for going through this!  Next “reward” will be a pedicure :-)

It looks like several of you are doing just great!  I want to respond with comments but for some reason my computer doesn’t pull up the anti-spam message, so I can’t respond.  Arrgghhh!!!  But it really sounds like folks are making great progress!!  I’m amazed at the number of women who are having this problem…I guess now I don’t feel so weird!  :-)

Oh, and I’m thinking about a half-marathon in late October.  Will keep you posted….

Take care,

Mary Margaret

4 Responses to “First REAL Shower!!!”

  1. Several of us had that problem with the anti-spam image, but the problem went away when we logged in!

    Love your progress. Many of us have had the same feeling in the “bad” heel. I had tons of dead-skin padding there, but it felt like I was standing on an unpadded heel-bone! That sensitivity was pretty slow to go away, too.

    My physio suggested rolling my heel over a golf-ball (while sitting). Others here just stayed in Crocs or other squishy padded shoes.

  2. With my other ankle’s surgery, thought I would DIE the first day I was allowed to walk & felt how sore my heel was. I was sure something was wrong & called my doc in a panic. I never did learn exactly why I had that heel pain on the bottom of my foot, though.

    It took about 6 weeks to go away. I generally felt better with a slight heel or a wedge in the shoe when it was bothering me.


  3. Had that prob too on the sensitivity of my heel. I bought new pair of shoes and as Norm, I rolled my heel over a tennis ball while sitting. Also rubbed it in various surfaces (carpet, sand etc). It did go away slowly.

    I’m getting a pedicure this weekend! ;-)

  4. Hi Mary, Have you been getting in the pool? I am 11 weeks post surgery and went to the pool for the 1st time today. It was heaven! I walked, did heel raises and swam with arms only. It all felt great :) Are there any other water exercises anyone has found to be helpful? I feel that I have my work cut out for me with the conserative schedule my Doc has had me on. My leg is sooo weak I can’t imagine doing any leg raises outside of the pool.

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