One Month Check-In

Yesterday marked one month since my surgery!  I had my four week post-op visit on Tuesday.  All looks well and I am again reassured that everything I’m feeling is normal.
I had my cast taken off.  This is my piece of advice…  if your cast is bothering you in any way, don’t be afraid to call [...]

2 Weeks Post-Op

Last Tuesday was my two weeks post-op appointment.
Week One- I was in just a surgical wrap, sort of like a cast on the bottom side and then just the wrap around it.  The first week was tough, getting used to the crutches, walking on one leg, the surgical wrap, the nerve block wearing off, swelling [...]

The Beginning to Now

My road in this achilles adventure has been a bit long.
Just about 11 months ago I was hit by a metal cart pretty hard.  I was pulling the front end behind me and the back end swung around and hit me right as my left leg was going back.  It felt like a knife had [...]