One Month Check-In

Yesterday marked one month since my surgery!  I had my four week post-op visit on Tuesday.  All looks well and I am again reassured that everything I’m feeling is normal.

I had my cast taken off.  This is my piece of advice…  if your cast is bothering you in any way, don’t be afraid to call your doctor.  My first cast, that I only had for a week, was fantastic.  My second cast, which I had for two weeks, was horrible.  I did not call because I didn’t want to complain and I figured I could power through the two weeks.  When the nurse was taking the cast off, she point blank told me how bad that cast was.  Very minimal padding, too tight, lumpy.  I myself should have known better but the nurse that put it on never said anything about calling if I have discomfort.  The nurse that took it off, kept on apologizing and questioned me hard on who it was in the office that put it on me.  She herself gave me some too late advice… call at anytime your cast is not ok!  So do that people!! lol

I moved to a CAM boot.  I am in the beginning stage of weight bearing as tolerated but use my crutches.  Not walking on it but putting my foot on the ground.  Right now I am trying but my foot is having trouble remembering how to be a foot!

The good thing with no cast… I can finally directly ice!!  So nice!!  I have some pretty good swelling, so ice is nice!

I am taking one pain pill probably once every other day at this point.  I have pain everyday but it is so random and not constant, so I can go without pain meds.  Now days I have PT… lol  We know how those days feel.

CAM boot… although I’ve been in one before… this boot is heavy as hell, much heavier than a cast, so my balance is a bit off.  Also the whole strapping yourself in takes awhile.  I’ll get used to it but in ways that cast was a tiny bit easier in a weird way.

I began PT this past week, had two session already.  I am three days a week.  Right now PT only involves moving foot gently up/ down/ right / left (PT does this manipulation, not me). Foot massage. Gentle tapping of the incision areas to break up adhesions.  Sliding my ankle on the floor and picking up marbles with my toes.

I’m still massively unsure about returning to work thing… right now it’s March 1st return.  Scares me!  Although the doctor said we will revisit it at my next appointment, which is before the return date.

I think I take this one day at a time.  The long term is a bit overwhelming right now but I can do one day at a time!

Wanted to add.. I found out that I had one other thing during surgery. So in total four things were done. 1.  Achilles repair 2.  Strayer Procedure 3. Amnio-Allograft and 4. Sural Nerve Release

The sural nerve release I didn’t know this.  We had talked about the nerves pre-op but when we talked after surgery he forgot to mention this.

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