2 Weeks Post-Op

Last Tuesday was my two weeks post-op appointment.

Week One- I was in just a surgical wrap, sort of like a cast on the bottom side and then just the wrap around it.  The first week was tough, getting used to the crutches, walking on one leg, the surgical wrap, the nerve block wearing off, swelling and pain. I was overall really tired.  I think it was really all par for course.

Week Two-  I had my first post-op appointment at Day 6.  They removed the surgical splint and the doctor checked for infection, all was good!  I had some bruising around the ankle and also swelling but the swelling was overall not horrible.  They then put on my first cast.
Getting used the cast was another thing to add on to recovery. The weight of the cast was pulling on my hip, making it really sore. Thankfully that resolved in a few days. One source of pain is when I would accidentally tighten the calf muscle or achilles area. I would get sharp pains. It wouldn’t last long. I also don’t recommend having a dream, in which you are running, apparently my sleeping body thought I was really running and tightened up everything. I shot up in bed saying OWWW! lol

I had my second post-op appointment two weeks to the day of my surgery. They took off the first cast. The doctor and I had a chat about what they actually did for the surgery. I was too tired to ask the first appointment. We talked about when is a good time to return to work. He said there really is no way to know when there is a good time. I teach, so there is a lot of movement through my day. I told him ideally I would like to get through the non-weight bearing stage (4 weeks), the beginning of the boot and start of PT before I go back. He is very easy going and said whatever I needed. We will make the call at my four week appointment.

They also took out the stitches, ouch! Then put on my last and final cast! The cast itself is tad bit tighter, so I really feel the swelling in this one. Not to the point that it cuts off circulation but to the point of being uncomfortable, need to elevate. The bottom of my foot was bothering me, I can’t tell if it’s swelling or the bandage that they wrapped around it before putting on the cast tube sock is shifting around or a combo of both. I find that by the end of the night I swell more and have a bit more pain.

The one good thing about being house bound is that I didn’t have to go out during the Polar Vortex or all this snow we have been getting for the last couple week. HA

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  1. Good luck on your journey.
    Mentally you will feel drained, but just keep in there and lean on people around you for support.
    Once you get through this, everything else will feel like a breeze!

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