FREE to any new ATR in Phoenix (or Arizona)

Anybody out there want my knee rolly thingy? It was a godsend to me. It’s the kind where you rest your knee/calf along a cushy bench thing and then push yourself along with your good foot and steer like a scooter. It even has a basket.  I wouldn’t feel right selling it since my insurance paid for it (600 dollars!!!!)  I would love to pass it along to help a fellow ATR. I’ll even deliver it if you’re a righty (I was a right ATR and remember what it’s like not being able to drive!)

3 Responses to “FREE to any new ATR in Phoenix (or Arizona)”

  1. iski7b Says:

    That’s a fantastic offer! I would highly recommend anyone in the area to take Maryk up on the offer. I am renting and using a knee roller until I become weight bearing and move to crutches and it has been fantastic!
    The freedom and safety in comparison to crutches makes the intitial first weeks of recovery much more bearable!
    Very kind of you to do this, Mary! I hope this works out and is able to help one of your neighbors!

  2. Casey Says:

    If you still have it, I would love to take it off your hands! I’m in Phoenix!

    please drop me a line either way.

  3. maryk Says:

    Hi, Casey! I’m so sorry, I finally gave up and got donated it to St Vincent De Paul :( I didn’t feel right selling it but I didn’t want to store it anymore either. So sorry, would’ve loved to help out a fellow Phoenician.

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