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Well, I haven’t posted in a while, which I guess is a good thing! Today I am exactly 15 weeks post-op and doing great. Graduated from PT, although I do continue to do MOST of the exercises MOST of the time (well, OK, some of them some of the time).

Driving to work and home no problem and driving long distances again without  much discomfort. The only real reminder I have of all this is that I can’t wear any of my shoes from “before” yet. Crocs and clogs, crocs and clogs (not allowed to ear tennies to work). I do still have a very slight limp when I’m tired, and a little swelling on days when I’ve overdone it. And I admit I can’t do a single leg raise, gives me something to shoot for, I guess. But all in all life is back to “normal”- actually better than normal because I have a new-found appreciation for my dear husband who took care of me and my co-workers who cheered me on. So all you newbies out there, hang in there! Things get SO much better, they really do!

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  1. normofthenorth Says:

    Sounds positive, alright, and not so different from where I am, just at 12 weeks.

    What’s keeping you out of your normal shoes? Is it because your foot is still too long for them, or too wide at the ankle? Or that they irritate the back of your ankle? Or not squishy-padded enough?

    I’ve worn several pair of my shoes “from before”, mostly for outside in the cold and snow. One pair of boots felt a smidge tight/short, and the other one was “no problem” — though my foot is still bigger than before in length and width. (I’m starting to wonder if my always-tight left ski boot will accommodate my bigger foot when it’s time to ski, on April 12th. . .)

    I’m also still completely devoid of those little “pockets” or “hollows” that normal feet have on either side of the lower AT, though I don’t think that’s important for shoe fitting. My physio squeezed me pretty hard around there last visit, as if he wanted to fix that. . .

  2. "Frouchie" or "Grouchie", or just "Chris" Says:


    You and I must be right on the same schedule. Today I’m 15 wks 2 days.
    I go in to have an evaluation on Monday to see if I get to graduate from PT too.
    I’m doing better with things..stairs are much better, but I have the most problem with my limping after I’ve been sitting for a while.
    I’m wearing my Crocs everywhere I go, even to work…but I can also wear any shoe I want too. I just prefer my Crocs because the flex with my foot and don’t seem to flare p the plantar fasciitis I have seem to develop in both feet.

    I’m glad to hear you too are getting back to a normal lifestyle.

    By the way…where in Phx do you live? I lived in Scottsdale for 10 yrs and went to Chaparral High School.

  3. josher47 Says:

    It sounds like things are going great. That is good to hear. I am at 15 weeks today and have a lot of similarities to you. I still cannot do a single leg calf raise either, but I do not think about my achilles doing day-to-day tasks. Keep up with the exercises. With the shoe thing I just decided that I was wearing my normal shoes and I have gotten used to the “tighter” feeling.

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