Maybe I over-did it…

Suddenly having some pain after having escaped relatively scott-free (compared to some other poor souls on here) thus far. The pain is at the calf end, not the heel end. Of course this worries me because I tore my AT on both ends and the calf end could not be repaired surgically. So that tear was left to heal “on its own.” I did do some SERIOUS spring cleaning (it was in the high 70s here the other day!, and I had let things go around the house for obvious reasons until recently.)  I am really hoping I just overdid it a bit and it’ll be gone in the morning.

4 Responses to “Maybe I over-did it…”

  1. normofthenorth Says:

    I’m sure we’re all joining your hoping, Mary! These high AT tears I “know from nothing”. But I think most of the re-ruptures happen from a sudden load or over-flex, rather than an exhausting (and otherwise “AT-boring”) day. Whether or not it’s totally gone in the morning, this may just be Mother Nature’s way of telling you to take it a bit easier for now. . .

    Probably no part of that leg is “as good as new” yet — and also, we all know now that “new” wasn’t as good as we all thought it was! ;o)

  2. maryk Says:

    Thanks, Norm. How much I worry about a part of me I didn’t even used to know existed!

  3. normofthenorth Says:

    After almost 65 years of hurting myself, I’m convinced that there is NO part of the human body that is so un-used or so well-protected that having it bruised or inflamed isn’t an educational shocker! Bruise the little cuticle on the side of your little toe (or anything else), and you’ll be saying “ouch” several times a day!

    I just had some oral surgery, and the clowns seem to have bruised my uvula (that little hanging thingie at the back of the throat — you see it in cartoons a lot!). And that useless little thingie hurts a lot every time I swallow! So of COURSE you have to worry about an AT!! ;o)

  4. "Frouchie" or "Grouchie", or just "Chris" Says:

    I’ll be sending you a few “Good Vibes” to help you along. I too am looking forward to the day I can go out and do anything I want, even if that means cleaning or lawn work.

    Take it easy.

    “Slow and Steady Wins THIS Race”.

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