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I seriously thought my swelling wasn’t too bad- but I went shoe shopping today and my right foot is two sizes larger than my left. I guess I’ll stick with crocs and the one pair of clogs I bought after the surgery. . There’s something about crocs that makes it easeir to get  your foot into them without pushing hard. I did finally make it to Walmart to get the compression sock GerryR recommended- it did help. But putting it on and off is no fun- it’s like some unholy cross between old lady stockings and a sports bra!

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  1. GerryR Says:

    Just stick with the Crocs. It was quite a while after I was FWB before I could get my feet into anything other than Crocs and an old pair of cross trainers. Yes, those compression socks are fairly stout, but they are not nearly as bad as the ones I wear for skiing. I’ve been using pretty stout compression socks for skiing for the past two years and really like them, but they are hard to put on.

  2. mshap Says:


    I went shopping for shoes a week ago (11 weeks post-op) and could not fit my injured foot into any of the clogs/mules. Unfortunately, I have to wear business casual to work so Crocs would not work. I finally found a pair of Dansko mules. They are a pricy, but I bought them online for $85. These shoes were worth every penny I spent and more. I can walk in them very comfortably. They have arch support and robber on the bottom which makes them perfect for the wintery weather (considering other options). I got a ton of compliments too, but to tell you the truth that part of it is very low on my list right now.

  3. MaryK Says:

    Thanks, mshap, I looked online at Danskos and saw a number of possibilities. It’s hard for me to spend money on shoes when I have no idea how long my foot will be this huge…but realistically I should admit it’s going to be quite a while. It’s true, crocs look pretty funny with professional clothes. Well, crocs look pretty funny with anything, actually :)

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