Suture rejection?

I am now just short of 10 weeks post surgery and haven’t posted for a few weeks. I am now fully in two shoes and have been for 2 to 3 weeks. I am in physio, back in the gym (stationary bike only for cardio at this stage) and have even had a full night out (first since injury). I am still walking with a slight limp but this is reducing. Still no leg raises, etc but feeling pretty normal again. If anything, the main concern is that I need to remember that the achilles is still in recovery and so continue taking extra care when getting about. The more the limp goes the more the risk is that you forget to step off a kerb leading with the bad leg, that you can make the crossing if you hurry, etc. Also, when back in two shoes, there is no warning for other people (not that commuters concern themselves with people with crutches, etc anyway) so you also have to second guess the stupidity of others.

In my last post at week 6 I talked about my wound becoming irritated and then opening up and considered whether this was an infection or whether my physio had been over rough. Doctors opinion at 6 week check up was that it was fine and it was just irritation from activity, etc. The surface wounds were only superficial but was enough to scab over, etc. Like any right minded person, I would obviously pick my scabs and on doing so, a small knot and an inch or so of suture came out. After initially being concerned that this would lead to my whole achilles coming loose (comedy unravelling of a scarf style), I quickly realised that this wouldn’t happen (the suture disintegrated once out so if my achilles was relying on this I was in a bad way).
On carrying out a bit of googling, I suspect the irritation to the wound, etc was actually my body rejecting the suture material and rather than disintegrating internally, my body forced it to the surface. Has anyone else heard of this happening? I will ask my doctor on the next check up this week but had not heard of the possibility of this before the googling.

Once the suture popped out, my wound has quickly cleared up and there has not been any negative impact on recovery.

Hope everyone continues with recovery and take care.

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  1. If your body wants rid of something and it can’t break it down, out through the skin is one of its defense mechanisms. Amazing thing the body, really is.

  2. Hello,, I had a complete rupture,, recovery sounds like yours even up to a wound developing and a suture coming out. However, every few weeks I kept getting wounds and sutures! My initial repair was November 17, 10 and eventually had to get a debridement on September 29, 2011. The surgeon just went in to see what was going on inside and turned out there was an infection! Now I’m back on a 6 week non-bearing status due to the debridement surgery and a 2 day stay at the hospital ended up being a 7 day stay with an anti-biotic IV drip and a 4 week IV PIC in my arm for home anti-biotic treatment!
    This whole ordeal has been a nightmare! I’m hoping that with this debridement (cleaning) I will be on my way to my recovery!! By the way,, I couln’t do therapy due to the wounds!!!

  3. I had rupture repair Nov 16 2015. I had one surgery for what was a rejection of what was believed to be the graft. I have had a total of 6 surgeries in total and still have sutures and material coming out of inclosed surgical sites. My surgeon is top notch and I’m 30 years only seen this happen one other time. 5 years prior he repaired my other Achilles and I had 0 complications. My body just doesn’t want to keep the foreign sutures in my body. I’m currently in paramedic school and am sucking it up till I get done.

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