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  2. Dear All:

    My name is Mark, and I am 62 years old. I’d like to think that I am in pretty decent shape for my age. I am a middle school teacher, and walk a lot. My biggest regret perhaps, is that I did not do enough stretching. Maybe that contributed to my ordeal?

    My story starts in late July. I noticed some pain in the Achilles area, and thought that it was due to shoes rubbing against the area. After buying new shoes, the pain didn’t go away. A trip to the doctor showed a diagnosis of inflamed tendinitis. I was told, try to rest it, and go for PT ….and in around a month it should be fine.

    I was exercising, going up and down stairs……when my bad foot (left) caught the stair wrong. Only the front half made the stair and the back flexed back. I felt a pop, and at first things felt good after that. A few minutes later, I felt like I was walking in jello! I wasn’t in any more pain than usual, but the ankle swelled up.

    A trip to the orthopedic surgeon on Oct. 5 confirmed that I had ruptured the tendon, and the actual cause of my pain was a spur. He told me that it was reparable, and that he would remove the spur.

    Surgery was on Oct. 12th. Tomorrow will be two weeks.

    I am getting around with a walker and knee scooter. I am lucky that I have a den, kitchen and bathroom all on the same level….makes life a lot easier. I don’t feel confident on crutches, so I never even used them

    I would suggest to anyone who is about to have surgery to try some “mock” scenarios. How will you get up from the couch? How will you sit down and get up from the toilet………before your surgery….so you will have confidence in what you do after you can’t put your foot down.

    I am 5 foot 11 inches. Luckily, I had a toilet seat with raised bars on each side from a hip replacement a few years back.. Don’t know how I would get up and down from the toilet if I didn’t I also sponge bathe……take your time…….you can clean yourself pretty good

    My question for others: have any of you toe touched the ground with your bad foot a few times? It has happened to me a few times….now. I never have put full force down, and am never in any pain when it happens……just hope that haven’t hurt the repair in any way?

  3. Mark - no need to worry. Your foot is tightly locked up to protect it from any serious damage so a light touch on the ground will not do anything. The lack of stretching had nothing to do with the injury. Tendons do not stretch very much anyway. Stretching before exercise is fading away and has been shown to do more harm.

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