Day 29 coming up tomorrow. Splint and bandages for the first 19 days, and then put in a cast. Hope to finally move into the boot and start walking.

mark r day 18 post op

yikes…….I was on my knee scooter just now, and tipped over!   I felt no pain in the leg that had the surgery, and can wiggle the ankle and  toes…… swelling or pain!   I am in a splint with ace bandages…….day

Does the fact that I didn’t feel pain, and the ankle still moves freely, etc. mean that I didn’t do any damage to the tendon?

mark r

I guess you are right.  Every day gets me a little closer……and we’ll go from there.  Doing leg raises when possible to try to keep the muscles involved.   thanks


Two weeks and two days now since surgery.  Post op got moved from today until Monday…..due to the surgeon having an emergency.   Seems like a long time to go ……Monday will be 19 days since surgery, but it is what it is.

Thankfully, still no pain, and the foot is feeling great!  Still, NWB of course.  Getting used to this life by telling myself, I am halfway through this NWB portion……should be in a boot by week 4 and can start to put down partial weight.  And, begin taking baby steps with the walker and boot, then no walker.

Assuming that others will eventually begin reading this, I was too nervous to do crutches.  I have a walker, more stable in my opinion, and insurance paid for a knee scooter.  I use this the most…….very easy to get around the house….we do have hardwood floors, but it will move on carpeting, too.    The best thing is that it does allows you to be hands free a little

Today is 2 weeks and 2 days since my surgery. it is beginning to feel a little looser in the splint……..I am guessing that that is due to the swelling going down? Foot feels good, never any pain……even with a slight brush of the floor. Post Op got moved back from today to Mon.

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