Jun 01 2012

One Week Post~Op : “Don’t Lie to Me Doc ~ Am I Going to be Able to Ever Dance Again?”

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Hey Everyone ~

Friday afternoon and I’m just wrapping up my bill paying & other assorted “duties” in my office that I’ve rightfully been neglecting for the past week.   Today is my 1 week post-op “milestone” & I celebrated it by leaving the house for the first time in a week, risking my life by being a passenger in my wife’s car, and visiting the guy that cut me open last week .. my orthopaedic surgeon.  

Felt good to get out of the house & go somewhere & my appt. was basically what I expected.  He asked me about pain levels, how I was doing, asked me to move my foot in my cast ~ “toes up for 3 secs / toes down for 3 secs ” ,  told me the swelling would abate around day 10 (Mon) & actually pried my cast back a bit around my big toe to give me more room and alleviate swelling.  He went on to tell me that I have to be patient .. “With tendons, it just takes time ~ but, rupturing your achilles tendon just adds so many other dimensions to the injury due to the inability to walk”, etc … I really like my Dr. ~ he’s a really cool guy, straight shooter, very accomplished, etc .. & someone I trust a lot & someone I will do whatever he tells me.   Between him, his staff & the staff at the hospital that took care of me during/after surgery, I consider myself very lucky to have had them all as my medical team, etc …

My main concerns / questions ( ahhh, no, I didn’t really ask him if I was going to be able to dance again :) ) … had to do with the length of time I will have to have cast on .. Before surgery, he told me 2 weeks cast / 12 weeks boot .. but, after getting intimate with the inside of my right leg & seeing the havoc that I had innocently wrought on it that fateful Sat. afternoon 2 weeks ago ~ he told me that 3 weeks in the cast was going to be the minimum.  So, I was nervous that today ~ a week later, that number was going to be 4 weeks .. but, thankfully he said 3 weeks was fine, so I’m going back on Mon. 6/18 to get cast off ,  sutures out & boot on.  I asked if I could go back to work on Mon ? “Yes, you just have to keep foot elevated as much as possible”.   I asked a few more questions about the boot, PT after boot & what I can expect after the boot is off as far as what I can do physically … His main point was that a lot of that will have to do with my confidence & from that, how much my body protects itself from things it’s not ready for ..  I’m not expecting to be 100% after 15 weeks (3 weeks cast / 12 weeks boot) .. but , I guess I was looking for him to throw me a bone .. “Yes, Mark, you will def be able to play in your Member/Member golf Tournament in October .. plan on it” … But, he didn’t throw me one .. he threw me a “patience” stick instead.  “You just have to be patient” ..  I get it & it’s fine.

Before leaving ~ he gave me another scrip for a refill of Percocets (7.5mg this time) & signed my DMV application for a 6mos Temp Handicap Parking Pass that we dropped off @ the police station way home from doctor  … Handicap Parking Pass?? Hell yes, this injury going to give me something back in return for everyhing it’s taken from me .. .But, seriously, I figured “why not?”  I work in Manhattan & commute in from NJ .. the next couple weeks I’m going to take a car svc right to my building, but after that, I’m going to get rides from my twin brother to the ferry terminal in Weehawken, NJ & take the ferry down to Pier 11/Wall St & then take a cab from there.  But, at least then ~ we can park very close to the ferry terminal in a handi spot as Ill still be on crutches for 2 weeks after I get boot on .. so, 4 more weeks of crutches ..

Other than my Dr. appt ~ not much has been going on here since my last post  ~ late Wed night / early Thurs a.m.  .. Thank you to the people that replied to my first post .. def felt good that you guys were familiar w some of the things I wrote about my first week, etc … And, to Marg, def feels good to have someone w the same Op date as me .. don’t know if that makes sense or not, but, it’s comforting somehow … Through this achillesblog website, I ordered a “shower chair” that I used today for the first time for my first unassisted shower since the operation .. felt good to be self sufficient, etc … I also bought (through the Amazon link on the website) ~ two Motorola walkie talkies (yes, I did) to make it easier to communicate in the house if I’m up in 2nd fl office / 3rd fl Man Cave or my wife in basement or outside w kids, etc  .. Figured my kids can take them when I am healed & not being treated like a 85 yr old mother in law stashed on the 3rd fl who has to be fed, cleaned & looked after.  

It’s gotten a lot cooler here in the NYC Metropolitan area the last few days, so Ive been out on the deck a bit also .. had some buddies come over for a few beers last night & we hung outside which almost made me feel normal.  My older sister, her husband & kids coming over tonight, so it was amusing to send my wife to the liquor store for beers for the first time since Ive known her .. Between  her having to take the recycling/garbage cans to the curb, going to buy beers,  changing the water bottle, etc  .. I think she def can’t wait for me to get healthy again either :) .. So, Ill enjoy the little perks of the injury while I can … like I said before ~ I’m going to get milk this for everything I can .. and I’m still going to come out on the short end vs. what Ive given up …

So, as my 1st week comes to a close, remember … “Pain is inevitable, but suffering is optional” … Ive tried to make the most of a crappy situation, and it’s def been an up & down week mentally .. but, Ive started to try and transition to as much of my normal like as possible .. and, going back to work on Monday will def help me achieve that … Will start to think of next 2 days as a reg wkd & not some neverending home detention that it’s felt like at times .. will try & go to pool tomorrow w my kids, get set up on a lounge chair w my leg elevated, etc  .. and then gear up on Sun mentally & practically for a return to the big, bad city on Monday … I think I’m ready for that next “step” …

Take care everyone  .. heal fast … Talk soon


Best ~


9 Responses to “One Week Post~Op : “Don’t Lie to Me Doc ~ Am I Going to be Able to Ever Dance Again?””

  1. joanon 01 Jun 2012 at 11:39 PM

    I also will be getting my cast off on June 18th, and put into a boot.
    This, however, is my second cast. They removed my first cast yesterday (8 days post surgery) and took out my 19 staples.
    It is going to be interesting comparing our recoveries, and seeing how the same injury is treated differently.
    Good luck,

  2. grasslakeon 02 Jun 2012 at 12:41 AM

    Hey Mark,

    Sounds like were at about the same stage. I am 1 week post op. I am scheduled to see my surgeon on Thursday. Was told if all is well I switch to the boot. Although I am not getting my hopes up. It seems to me that my foot is still swelling and am nervous its not healing right. Almost seems to be instant swelling if I crutch around for any period of time. Just wondering if your experiencing the same? I wish you a fast and quick recovery and you make the member guest come October!


  3. Taraon 02 Jun 2012 at 10:01 AM

    Great to hear how you are doing, you sound very optimistic even though I know the timing could not have been worse for you. Great spirits!! I love the walkie talkie idea - in fact I might put that into use and I do not even have an injury….beats yelling around the house for people. Feel good…xoxo

  4. marklewis67on 02 Jun 2012 at 10:53 AM

    hey Steve ~ yes, whenever I’m vertical, the blood rushes to my foot & it swellls .. and hurts … but, my Dr. told me that the swelling goes down @ about the 10day mark .. so, you should start seeing an improvement soon .. glad you’re getting your cast off next week ~ I’m sure it will be healed … I guess my rupture was severe enough that he wants mine on for 3+ weeks (24 days) .. so, I’ll do whatever he says … Good luck


  5. Stefanoson 02 Jun 2012 at 10:54 AM


    Nice call on the Walkie Talkies! Fight the good fight, you’ll get through this in due time and will be out the links indoor enough. It feel like an enternity to get there but once you do this will all be forgotten.



  6. marklewis67on 02 Jun 2012 at 10:58 AM

    Thanks Zo ~

    I know you went through a v similar injury, etc, so I hope you’re right about it going fast, etc … Sorry I won’t make your gig on 6/9 .. Just prob too much of a stretch to go to a concert in Manhattan on a Sat night in a cast & crutches … hopefully you guys kill it & will have more shows when I’m more mobile .. def want to see the show in future …

    Blue is the Color .. Chelsea is the Name …


    ~ Mark

  7. Maeon 02 Jun 2012 at 5:50 PM


    Your blog is hysterical. I am laughing so hard right now. So happy that you are in such good spirits! I hope you have a speedy recovery! I have been there before and you may feel helpless at times but take advantage and be treated like the king that you are. Your family and friends are here for your support!! Be strong and stay positive! You’ll be dancing in no time ;-)

  8. Margon 20 Jun 2012 at 11:43 PM

    Hey Mark. How did you make out at the doctors. I have taken ten steps without crutches. Dr. Said I can put some weight on it. Didn’t hurt that bad. Let me know how you are doing. Almost 4 weeks for us.

  9. Margon 09 Jul 2012 at 3:43 PM

    Six weeks past on Friday. I got the okay to start wearing shoe. Walking carefully with cane. Started physio. I have been in the pool wearing cast. How are you doing. Update your post so we can keep up on progress. Cheers.

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