Newbie with a re-rupture!

Hi everybody, thanks Dennis for a great website on this subject, it’s been a massive help to me with advice and positive comments after my initial rupture.. And as I’ll explain I’ve just had a re-rupture, so I thought it’s high time I tried to give something back if I can to anybody going through this hideous injury!!

My short story is I’m UK (London) based and I had a first rupture on July 12th 2010 playing tennis. I was given the option of surgery or the conservative route and opted for the surgery, reasoning that I’m very active - into climbing/mountaineering, running, trekking, weights etc. This seemed to be going fine ( I was into shoes) until I stepped onto a kerb I didn’t see in a dark underground car park on the 06th nov 2010! This blew the Achilles again with a lot of pain and splitting the op scar tissue at the bottom with bleeding..  initially I convinced myself that the pain was just skin adhesion giving way. But I had it confirmed a few days later when I saw the consultant and she sent me for an ultrasound immediately (pretty good for the NHS!) When it was confirmed and I knew I was back to square one after 4 months I hit rock bottom!! Then bounced a bit after thinking it actually can be worse!!

I am now writing this having just got out of hospital having had my second surgery 2 days ago. This time the consultant has grafted a tendon from my big toe onto the achilles to strengthen the job (I think it’s the same procedure as beckham had) so I’m happy with this if it’s good enough for him!!

I’ve got the full plastercast on for two weeks and back on crutches non weightbearing again. Initially I had a lot more pain after the surgery but now it seems to be pretty numb?

One thing that did go through my mind from my first recovery is that I was still limping badly after 4 months and the flexibility and strength seemed to be taking a long time to get back. Now I don’t know if this was caused by skin adhesions which the physio was mentioning, or if the initial surgery was a problem?? It just seemed to be taking longer than a lot of others on this site.. But that won’t matter now anyway!

Just want to say try and stay positive through this, it definately is a mental aswell as physical trial, I’ve been through some dark times with it but just have to think it WILL get better and I WILL run again!!

Any comments welcome, and I’d appreciate any advice or comments on power/vibration plates with recovery?? I’ve heard its a new treatment and will be asking the physio about it but was wandering if anybody had tried it?

Thanks, Mark  :)

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