Week 4 - no Europe :(

Week 4 brought about some new challenges.the infection had cleared up but it left behind some granulation tissue which had grown up through the cut and out of my leg. This opened up the wound even more and was preventing the skin from growing back over and closing the wound. The doctor decided to “freeze” the granulation tissue which would hopefully allow the skin to close back over.

Week 4 was also the week we were told we could not travel to Europe as planned. This was probably the most devastating news I’d had throughout the whole injury - even finding out I had to have surgery wasn’t this tough! We were due to fly out on the Saturday but were told not to go on the Wednesday so we had a couple of days to try and reschedule everything for a later date. Luckily I had plenty of time on my hands since I was sitting at home for another week.

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  1. Sorry. I travel quite a lot. (well used to) Think of it this way, several european cities have quite a lot of cobblestone that makes walking really challenging.

    I hope you have a speedy recovery with your infection.

  2. I did wonder if you would make it, I know you will be hugely disappointed but you will enjoy it so much more when you are more active. Europe will still be here x

  3. Sorry to hear about having to cancel your trip. I went to Hawaii right around the 4 week mark, but we rented a condo and didn’t do too much moving around. A much different trip than what I’d imagine a typical European vacation to be (at least my previous trips to the EU involved lots of walking!). Heal well!

  4. Yeah I am 2 weeks post, am healing very well, stitches came out Thursday and now I am full weight bearing but I have to wear a walking boot. I will take that over crutches any day.
    That’s pretty scaring about the infection, at least that is getting better. Hope all goes well for you. This blog has been pretty neat talking with people with the same problem. I will say this we will all get back to our normal selves but its going to be a long round.

  5. So sorry to hear this, Marissa. I hope you had travel insurance or at least that you can reschedule without too much of a penalty. If you’d gone, there would have been so many things that it would have been difficult to do with your limited walking–so think ahead to the new travel date when you are fully recovered and ambulatory! Best wishes.

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