Waking up from Surgery and the first week

The operation went smoothly and much to my relief I woke up with hardly any side effects, I barely even felt tired!!! I was fitted with a moon boot and locked at 90 degrees before leaving the hospital and was told I could weight bear as soon as I wanted to as pain permitted. As well as being knocked out, I had a block put in so my leg was numb from the knee down for the first 24 hours which was great as I had no pain at all for the first night home. The next day the tingling and strange sensations started as my leg started to come out of its numbness. It wasn’t painful but was just a really weird feeling - lots of pins and needles and twitches. I could also slowly start to wriggle my toes which I hadn’t been able to do up until then. The second night wasn’t as pleasant as the first night and I made use of the endones I had been prescribed for pain relief although this was the only time I needed to use these drugs, the rest of the time I just took regular panadol. I was glad I hadn’t attempted to weight bear while my leg had been numb because the worst pain I have had throughout the whole injury was in the first few days after the surgery. I had little to no pain when my leg was elevated but as soon as I stood up even just to walk a few metres to the bathroom it was very painful. The first week I barely did anything the only time I moved from the lounge was to go to the bathroom or to bed.

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  1. Congratulations on being on the other side of surgery, Marissa! Keep that leg as high as you can–above your heart, not just above the floor or above your bottom. It will reduce swelling (which will make you uncomfortable) and speed wound healing. I saw my doc yesterday for a 5-day post-op and he commented that you can always tell which patients are following the protocol about leg elevation and which ones aren’t. (Not that you’re doing this to impress your doctor, but to speed YOUR healing and journey toward being pain-free.) Have a good day!

  2. I had a nerve block as well and wish it lasted two days! I agree with KIKI, just relax and let yourself heal. Good luck!

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