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I ruptured my right Achilles during the second quarter of my netball game on a Thursday night. Both my Achilles had been feeling tight about a week leading up to the game but after warming up I wasn’t bothered by them at all. When the rupture occurred I had taken a step to start running and thought someone had kicked me in the lower calf but I didn’t hear any popping noise like some people describe. It hurt but definitely wasn’t excruciating I initially thought it might have just been a really bad cork to my calf or maybe even a slight tear to my calf muscle as the pain was higher up my leg than I would have expected for an Achilles injury. My sister in law is a physio so I got a lift back to her house after the game and she was pretty certain it was my Achilles (after doing the Thomson test on me). So the next day it was off to the doctor to confirm. He confirmed it was an ATR without any scans or ultra sounds and pretty much booked me in for surgery for the following Tuesday. I never had any doubt of taking the surgical path as I had a 7 week holiday to Europe planned for early June (4weeks after the injury occurred) I was pretty keen to get on the plane four weeks later but my doctor wasn’t so sure and told me to speak to the surgeon about it. I had a half cast put on me to keep my leg still over the 4 days before the operation. I didn’t find the cast too uncomfortable but I wouldn’t have liked to be in it for any longer than 4 days (mostly due to the itching)!!!!  I didn’t have much pain once my foot was stable in the cast and any pain I did have would go as soon as I would elevate my foot. On the day of the operation when my cast was taken off I had the biggest bruise going up the sides of my foot and up my leg about 6 inches.

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