Week 4 - no Europe :(

Week 4 brought about some new challenges.the infection had cleared up but it left behind some granulation tissue which had grown up through the cut and out of my leg. This opened up the wound even more and was preventing the skin from growing back over and closing the wound. The doctor decided to “freeze” [...]

Week 3 - infection :(

At week 3 I returned to work it wasn’t very comfortable and my foot was quite achey by the time it was home time. As soon as I would get home I would plonk in front of the tv with my foot up and not move until it was bed time. It was an exhausting [...]

Week 2

Week 2 was pretty boring! I sat at home with my leg up and watched endless tv. The pain was bearable except when I first got out of bed each morning but that was more pain from the blood rushing back down into my foot rather than pain in my actual achilles.
Week 2 did mean [...]

Waking up from Surgery and the first week

The operation went smoothly and much to my relief I woke up with hardly any side effects, I barely even felt tired!!! I was fitted with a moon boot and locked at 90 degrees before leaving the hospital and was told I could weight bear as soon as I wanted to as pain permitted. As [...]

Injury to surgery

Hi there
I ruptured my right Achilles during the second quarter of my netball game on a Thursday night. Both my Achilles had been feeling tight about a week leading up to the game but after warming up I wasn’t bothered by them at all. When the rupture occurred I had taken a step to start [...]