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Apparently, my achilles injury was a result of a lot of use…I noticed I was having diffuculty going down stairs and walking first thing in the morning. I tried to ignore the symptoms, hoping that it would just go away. Then I found a bump on my heel, which turned out to be a calcium deposit. I had a visit planned to NY to visit my son in Dec, and I promised myself that if I was still having pain when I got home I would seek medical attention. I actually felt a bit better while on vacation, even with climing in and out of subways, and, all the walking in NYC> When I got home, however, and, went about my daily routines (going back to dance class), I found that the pain was also back. I made an appt. with Desert Orthopaedic in Las Vegas. The first thing they did was x -ray, and, then, put me in a walking boot to see if that would take care of the problem. Three weeks later I had an MRI, and, the decision was made to have surgery. I had my surgery on Feb. 4, 2010 for a shredding tendon. The surgery involved taking a tendon from my big toe, and, removing the damaged tendon, replacing it with the “good” tendon. He also shaved off a calcium deposit. Yesterday I got my hard cast…fluorsecent pink…and, it is a bit easier to get around without the soft dressing and water cooling system that definately kept down the pain.
I have 3 weeks in my cast, then, I will be in a boot cast, but, no walking for another 3 weeks. This brings me up to the present date…

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  1. You’re rare here, Marilyn, in having surgery without having experienced the sudden “pop” first. And most of us tore our ATs withOUT having had AT problems first, too.

    Was your “water cooling system” the Aircast-brand plastic “sleeve” that connects to a jug of ice water with a plastic hose? My physio used that with me when I was having Interference Therapy on my ankle, maybe my first 3 or 4 (weekly) physio visits. Cute gizmo.

    Was the “water cooling system” OUTside your soft dressing, or did you unwrap yourself, or what?

  2. I had no “POP” either…but oh yeah with the shredding AT. I have it in BOTH AT’s, the right AT was hanging by a thread and the left ankle he said will get me by for maybe a year without a ton of activity. I had surgery in November ‘09 for the right ankle…and am looking at the end of August ‘10 for the left ankle.

    Remember..”Slow and Steady Wins THIS Race”.

    Good Luck!!

  3. Marilyn, Our story is about the same. I just found this site the other day and this is my first day on it. My surgery was Feb 10, 2010.

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