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Apparently, my achilles injury was a result of a lot of use…I noticed I was having diffuculty going down stairs and walking first thing in the morning. I tried to ignore the symptoms, hoping that it would just go away. Then I found a bump on my heel, which turned out to be a calcium deposit. I had a visit planned to NY to visit my son in Dec, and I promised myself that if I was still having pain when I got home I would seek medical attention. I actually felt a bit better while on vacation, even with climing in and out of subways, and, all the walking in NYC> When I got home, however, and, went about my daily routines (going back to dance class), I found that the pain was also back. I made an appt. with Desert Orthopaedic in Las Vegas. The first thing they did was x -ray, and, then, put me in a walking boot to see if that would take care of the problem. Three weeks later I had an MRI, and, the decision was made to have surgery. I had my surgery on Feb. 4, 2010 for a shredding tendon. The surgery involved taking a tendon from my big toe, and, removing the damaged tendon, replacing it with the “good” tendon. He also shaved off a calcium deposit. Yesterday I got my hard cast…fluorsecent pink…and, it is a bit easier to get around without the soft dressing and water cooling system that definately kept down the pain.
I have 3 weeks in my cast, then, I will be in a boot cast, but, no walking for another 3 weeks. This brings me up to the present date…

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