Feeling positive, making progress

Ok, I’m now 4.5 weeks post op and am doing well in the boot.  Haven’t used crutches at all.  My heel/foot get quite sore after walking in the boot for about 3 hours or so, but then I take it off and give my foot a break.  I usually just rest it and/or do some stretching.

I have also been walking around the house without the boot.  I don’t think I’m necessarily supposed to do this, but have been trying it out - with caution.  Feels pretty good, but again gets sore if I do it for long periods.

Hoping my next appointment (on the 10th) the boot will be off permanently and I’ll be off to PT, as well as allowed to finally drive!

Hope everyone else is doing well with recovery!

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  1. Mariec, It sounds like your OS has done a fantastic job of fixing you up and getting you back to normal! At 4.5 wks my foot was still at 20 degrees or 3 wedges, there’s no way I could have walked on it without the lift! Your recovery is outstanding and i think you’re going to love PT once it starts and be back to full strength in no time! I had a look at what an FHL transfer is and found an awesome video of the procedure. It’s pretty amazing and I’d love to know if you feel anything weird from your big toe when you point your toes or does it feel normal? Keep going strong and healing as well as you are!

  2. Wow Mariec, this post just gave me so much to look forward to! I cannot wait until I am in my walking boot.

    I too am interested to hear about the FHL transfer. My surgeon thought that I may have to have this done as well, but luckily, he didn’t have to use it. At the time of my consultation though when we were discussing this possibility, he said people can generally be alright without a portion of this tendon. When I brought up that I love to do ballet though, he said I may never be able to do that activity again. What does it feel like?

    Glad your recovery is going so well!

  3. Hi beanie! Funny thing about my OS, I didn’t really like or trust him at first, nor did I really want this type of fix. Damaging a good part of the body to fix the bad part didn’t seem ideal to me. However, I am certainly grateful now, and told him so at my first checkup. I’m excited for PT! And I have been walking a bit today in 2 shoes…or boots here - it snowed today, first time and seems we are going to get dumped on a bit. I didn’t do this for more than a few minutes, as I expect I’m not supposed to be doing this yet.

    As for the feeling, I’m a really weird stickler about evenness, and was very concerned about my toe not being able to bend normally. However, I have found that it doesn’t bother me as much as I thought it would and it does still bend; it just doesn’t bend at the ‘knuckle’ part.

    My goal - not to rupture the other one. But if I did, I would do the same thing as was done on this side.

    You keep going strong, too! This site is amazing and definitely helps keep one hopeful; I am very grateful for this, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be where I am at today.

  4. Hi awtang!

    I’m glad my post gave you something to look forward to. I know I read many stories on this site and felt the same. Very grateful for this site for that reason.

    My OS only does this type of procedure, which I didn’t know until I went in asking questions at the onset. Funny at the time he didn’t tell me the benefits - like getting into a flat foot boot immediately - but I probably wouldn’t have understood or appreciated what that really meant at that time. He did tell me that it nearly eliminates chance of rerupture, which is why I think he prefers this method.

    As for the feeling, doesn’t really feel that different. I asked right away about doing yoga, pilates, etc. I’m sure ballet is far different, given that you use the toes quite a bit. I can still use the toe, it just doesn’t bend at the knuckle. I don’t know how much that would affect ballet or not, but my understanding is that the other toes also compensate for that minimal loss. And I am a freak about evenness and having all sensation, so am surprised that I have taken to how this feels so well. I can still move the toe and use it, so feel lucky about that. And there are two incision sites instead of one, but mine have healed so well, it’s amazing. The largest one that had staples is really hardly noticeable already.

    Wishing you a safe and speedy recovery!!

  5. Getting a little worried. Still in a cast for 6 weeks, plan is 2 more the a boot with gradual change in the plantar flex ion while in a boot. At 12 weeks I start PT. I cannot imagine my foot will know what to do and will be like a stiff dead fish

  6. Getting a little worried. Still in a cast for 6 weeks, plan is 2 more the a boot with gradual change in the plantar flex ion while in a boot. At 12 weeks I start PT. I cannot imagine my foot will know what to do and will be like a stiff dead fish

  7. Hi shadowrad,

    Don’t be too worried. I know all OS take different approaches. It does sound like quite a long time to be in a cast. However, once you’re in the boot, you should be able to start ROM exercises. I’m 5 weeks post op (yesterday) and have been doing more than I was told, but not past any point of comfort. I found recently that massaging the site really helps; in one day it seemed to relieve quite a lot of the tightness and I was able to walk much better the next day on both feet, without the boot. Again, haven’t been told I can walk without the boot, but am taking baby steps, hoping to advance my recovery. I have my 6 week post op appointment next week and hoping the boot will be off and driving privileges returned.

    Hang in there…it will get better!

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