First Post Op Appt - Great Surprise…flat heel boot, FWB!

Well, I went to my first post-op appointment in a bit of a fluster.  I had to take my dog to the emergency vet at 1230 am and then attend a 6 am call for work.  However, I still made it to my appointment on time and awake!

I was curious to see the incisions (not bad) and what position the boot would be put in.  Come to find out, they put me right into a flat heel (no angle) boot and I was told I could start bearing weight as I could tolerate, with or without crutches!  I was a little apprehensive about this, but the day has progressed well.  I’ve been walking without crutches most of the day and evening, with periodic breaks.  The foot and heel definitely get sore, but not near what I expected. And even more surprising, little to no swelling!

I have strict instructions to wear the boot when I’m up and while in bed, but can take it off while seated and start on ROM.

I’m shocked that just two weeks and 1 day after surgery I am FWB!  Now, the caveat - I had an FHL tendon transfer. My OS said this is one of the benefits.  Fine by me!  Just wish he would have told me that beforehand, because (if you read/recall my previous post) I already bought a VacoPed with an extra liner that will now need to get returned.  I am keeping - and now using - the EvenUp shoe, it works great!

So, as down as I was becoming about this injury and looking forward to the next step, I’m now over the moon!  I’m sure the coming days will still prove trying and will have some aches and pains, but I’m now seeing some light.

Hope others are recovering well!

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  1. That’s such great news! It’s awesome to hear that you are doing so well!

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