Second Post - 2 days to first post op appointment

I am now nearly 2 weeks post op and cannot wait for Thursday!  I will be returning to the ortho office to have the splint taken off, staples/stitches removed and will see for the first time what my incisions look like.

I must admit that for the last two nights, I’ve removed the splint but rebandaged the foot/leg over the dressing.  I was having a very difficult time sleeping, as the splint was making the gauze on my incisions snag and pull.  Very uncomfortable!

One other thing to note, I’ve removed the splint tonight and actually - very gently - stood flat footed, which was done with no pain.  I didn’t take a step, as I knew that would not be smart.  I’ve also been gently stretching the foot/leg a bit in both directions (dorsi/plantar).

The tendon (transfer) is very tight.  I assume once I start walking with the boot and start ROM exercises that it will stretch??  I suppose any repairs feel tight/short at first, given the immobilization period.

I should have also mentioned in my first post that after reading several stories, I prepared myself with equipment.  I purchased the iwalk 4 days after my initial injury, purchased a shower chair and vinyl cast cover for showering, and purchased the VacoCast before surgery, although my ortho knows nothing about it and doesn’t seem to support the idea that I bought it and want to use it.  He told me I’d wear what he put me in.  I know from others stories that many wore the CAM boot to their ortho appointments, but then returned to their VC when they got home.  I suspect that is what I will do…

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