Feeling positive, making progress

Ok, I’m now 4.5 weeks post op and am doing well in the boot.  Haven’t used crutches at all.  My heel/foot get quite sore after walking in the boot for about 3 hours or so, but then I take it off and give my foot a break.  I usually just rest it and/or do some [...]

First Post Op Appt - Great Surprise…flat heel boot, FWB!

Well, I went to my first post-op appointment in a bit of a fluster.  I had to take my dog to the emergency vet at 1230 am and then attend a 6 am call for work.  However, I still made it to my appointment on time and awake!
I was curious to see the incisions (not [...]

Anyone ever used products from aidmyachilles.com (freeze or inferno wraps)?

Have been looking at their freeze and inferno wraps to help aid in recovery, but would like to know if anyone on here has used either product and if so, what they thought of them?

Second Post - 2 days to first post op appointment

I am now nearly 2 weeks post op and cannot wait for Thursday!  I will be returning to the ortho office to have the splint taken off, staples/stitches removed and will see for the first time what my incisions look like.
I must admit that for the last two nights, I’ve removed the splint but rebandaged [...]

First post - Right Ft Rupture 10/20

I ruptured my Achilles at the gym on 10/20.  Funny how I knew what it was immediately, even though I had never read what these felt like or knew anyone personally who has experienced this.
I had gone to the gym for my Pilates session (1 hour), then did a 15% incline walk on the treadmill [...]

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