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Jan 15 2009

32 week update/pics and “gift” from doc :)

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still looking scary ;)Just updating my fellow ATR’s at this point in my recovery.  I last posted 5 weeks ago, and on Tuesday saw ortho doc for, hopefully, last time.  He released me saying that things looked good.  I am just slightly past neutral in my range of motion, which keeps me moving slowly, but speed has improved in the past month-Yay!!  Still limping, but have ditched the cane around the house, which is also an improvement.  I explained to doc that I not only have stiffness and tightness around achilles, but my whole foot gets numb/tingly if I’m on it for long periods of time….the ball of my foot gets tired quickly as well….wierd.  But, those things may go away with time since he says my circulation looks good. He also re-measured my calf: good calf is 14 1/2 inches and achilles calf is 13 1/2 inches–gained a half inch since last visit.   My doc asked me, “so how is the physical therapy helping you?” at which point I replied, “you told me to discontinue therapy after 3 months, as I had ‘plateaued’ out at that point”….He said he could authorize more if I wanted to go back, adding that it can get expensive though….my thoughts exactly!!  I think I will stick with what I have been doing at home since I am not a “sportsy” person….just a person that wants to eventually be walking normally again. 

At the end of the visit, out of the blue, my husband mentioned that my temporary disability parking placard had expired in Dec. and if we could get me another temporary card for parking….this is the “gift” part :)  Doc replied, “oh heck, let’s just make it permanent…it’s the least I can do for all she’s been through”….oh boy, I am not going to take advantage of it though….only when necessary.   

Well, hope this year brings all of us happy, healthy ATRs, and lots less drama.  Thanks to all and to Dennis for this awesome site…I still appreciate it soooooo much!!!

Thanks screwdriver for asking about my progress….hope yours is also going well.

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