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Dec 15 2008

27 Week- 6 1/2 month update……

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Well, like most of us “veterans”, I have been reading the posts regularly, but haven’t posted for about 6 wks.  Not much new to report……My scar looks the same as my post 10 weeks ago, but it does feel better, which is great news– not much pain anymore, just stiffness/tightness mainly.  I still use a cane, because the leg strength not being there still scares me.  Limp is still there, but getting better.  I still have the tingling feeling in the bottom of my foot, when I first get up in the morning….first few steps are still tough, but getting better as well.  I am still walking slowly which is really a hazard when I go shopping during this busy season…..I’m just not in a rush, like I use to be, anymore.  I wonder if I will ever be able to move as quickly as I once did?????  I am grateful for the fact that the pain has pretty much subsided, unless I bump it or step in a wierd way…’s not totally gone, but I don’t think about it all the time now.  It’s wierd reading how many of you never experienced pain, even after the surgery…don’t quite understand that, but I must just be hypersensitive :)   I virtually have no swelling anymore and the color of my leg and foot has really improved.  I still notice, in the morning, some blotchy coloring of my leg, but nothing like it used to get.  Still struggling with standing and walking for lengths of time….I guess that too will come–frustrating that I can only walk so far without one or both of my legs/feet feeling sore…..still wearing my trusty trainers—very comfy :)

I guess I’m at the point where I feel like this should all be over by now, but then I remember how far I have come and that makes me stop feeling sorry for myself.  I also am well aware that this is a year long endeavor, but I have mentally been having a hard time still with it.   I go back to the ortho-doc on Jan. 6th for follow-up which will be 7 months post-op.  Haven’t had anymore PT except the 12 weeks I went after losing the boot.  I’m not an “exerciser” like many of you are….I just want to be able to walk normally without feeling off balance, etc.  Have been riding the recumbent bike, and doing stretching exercises, but that’s it.  I know…..i’ve been slacking :( and watching lots of football.

KKdub, thanks for asking about me and GO Bears at the Emerald Bowl!!!!!  You inspired me to update all of you….Happy holidays and Happy Healing to you all!!

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