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Nov 06 2008

Whew!!! 90 Degrees and Rising!:)……….

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Two weeks ago, my doctor told me I needed a “serial cast” for 6 weeks to get to 90 degrees/neutral.  When I didn’t answer him right away, he told me to go home and think about it, and come back in one week.  When I told my husband, he said he would PT me for 2 weeks, then we would go back to see what the doc says.  Needless to say, I was a bit hesitant, so asked you ATR buddies of mine for advice….I was prepared to be casted again, but knew it would be very difficult mentally and physically for me to go there.  In addition, I had my husband who really did not want to have to take care of me in a cast again either…..the no driving, etc. 

So, in addition to the exercises I have been doing twice a day at home, my husband massaged my ankle every night and also stretched it for me…..:) (I’m very lucky!!!!!!)

Here we are now, two weeks later, and the doctor was surprised to see how much progress I’d made and the serial cast was no longer an option—Yay!!!! I can get my foot flat on the ground, but still walk with a limp and very slowly.  But, my doc says it looks like I’m even a little past neutral, which was music to my ears!!!  He says the limp will go away once my calf and thigh get stronger— and I thought I was limping because of my ankle… much is connected—also have terrible back pain on right side.  I think it’s my sciatic nerve acting up because of compensation with the limp.  Boy am I out of shape…….but my foot is flat!!!!!!

Thanks to all who have been supporting me through this very long, slow recovery process!  I go back to doc in 2 months and plan on continuing my exercises at home.  Any ideas for strengthing the calf and thigh without messing up my back anymore?  I do see my chiropractor once a week which helps…..I feel my foot needs strengthening to—especially the ball of my foot.  Haven’t practiced heel raises standing, only sitting. 

 Well, that’s all for now….I am thrilled to have progressed, on my own, in two weeks….something I couldn’t do during the last 6 weeks of PT…….I was stuck at -11degrees, but not anymore.  It can be done!!!!!!!

Keep Healing and GO BEARS!!!!!!We take on USC on Saturday…..:)


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