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Oct 21 2008

20 Week Post Op Doc Appt.- To Cast or Not To Cast? That is the question…..

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What to do?  I went to my 20 week post-op doc appt. today, and for those of you who have kept up with my story from the beginning, you’ll remember I’m the Wimp…..unfortunately being a wimp doesn’t go with ATR rupture recovery protocal because I have been unable to move forward for the past 6 weeks in Physical Therapy…..i’ve completed a total of 12 weeks PT and still am not at 90 degrees.  It’s not that I haven’t done all the exercises they’ve asked of me– stretching, bicycling, stepper, rocker board, squat machine, ultrasound, “massage”(ugh)—and all the at-home exercises I’ve done diligently twice a day.  I think the problem started back at about 6 weeks, when I was told to weight-bear and couldn’t stand the pain and babied my ankle because of fear and pain….I was so afraid of re-rerupture that I became stuck and on top of that wound up in the hospital with opiate withdrawl issues as I wasn’t instructed correctly about slowly stopping the meds.

So, here I am now, walking with an extreme limp and a cane, still have pain, and not at 90 degrees.  I knew the news from the doc wasn’t going to be positive when he actually took the time to sit down to talk to me  (unfortuneately, my husband had to work today and couldn’t come and help me ask pertinent questions, so I was on my own).  The doc explained to me about the option of “serial casting” telling me that it wasn’t the type of “cereal” you eat.  I told him, I figured that it wasn’t …..  He is recommending that I go back into a cast for 6 weeks again and come back every week for them to change the position of my foot to eventually get it to 90 degrees (it’s at 80 degrees and ideally should be past 90 by now), and after 6 weeks, I would wear a night brace. 

I just can’t see myself going back to a cast for 6 weeks after all the hard work I have done to get this far.  I keep thinking about the withered calf, the discomfort , the claustrophobia, of the cast experience.  He said that I have “plateaued out” with the physical therapy, and will not recommend anymore.  So, no more physio and I am wondering if I can do this on my own….Doc doesn’t know and has explained that if I don’t choose “serial casting” now and come back to him in a year and tell him my ankle isn’t good enough, it would be to late to serial cast then and he would have to go in and add more tendon to lengthen it…..Now I know I don’t want another operation :(

He has given me a week to think about what to do– cast or no cast.  I plan on talking to my Physical Therapists sometime this week to get their opinion…..I guess there is nothing easy about this injury and I hate making decisions….what would you guys do (especially those of you who are as far along as I am) in this situation??????  Is there hope that I can get the ankle to loosen up without re-casting?  Any opinions or advice would be sincerely welcome.  And to those of you told that it is time to weight bear……let my story be a lesson that you need to step on it :)

Happy Healing to you all and thanks for reading :)


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