Oct 06 2008

17 Week Scar Pic

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Still having pain/burning on the bottom 2 inches of scar, but getting better…..I must be one of the slowest healers on this site, not counting re-rups or those of you that have had complications.  The area gets red and is bumpy, not flattening out like the top half—very frustrating.  I guess I am just a slow healer….at 50 years old, and can’t say I was in great shape before this injury.  I am actually getting in more exercise, because of PT, than before my injury….I want to keep getting in better shape.  This injury really has made me appreciate knowing I will be able to work on keeping fit….I guess it’s never too late ;) Grateful that I am now able to move around with just cane most of the day…….still looking for the “perfect” shoe to keep my feet comfortable….Hope to get back to work by end of month…not quite sure about substitute teaching with lots of little kids moving around me and a different class everyday….very tiring and need to be very mobile…can’t wait to get back though!!!

Keep Healing All My ATR Friends,


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  1. kkdubon 06 Oct 2008 at 9:11 pm

    M- great job. I hope that this injury inspires you to keep yourself in good shape as well as the rest of us. I’ve watched three people fade away this year (mom, dad, and grandma) and if they were in better health we could have fought their diseases head on. I wish you the best recovery and health. kk

  2. stevewon 06 Oct 2008 at 9:52 pm


    The scar tissue is going to eventually break up and the pain will lessen to the point that it will become less and less and none. I had 10 stitches on my lip last year (I was teasing my little Cocker Spaniel too much and she got mad at me) and a lot of scar tissue formed. It slowly broke down over time, and one year from the injury I remember feeling no scar tissue there at all. I guarantee six months from now, we’ll both be normal again.

    BTW, how bout that hit Follett laid on Carpenter. Sweet justice after last year, wasn’t it?


  3. Sanfrantourguideon 08 Oct 2008 at 5:53 pm

    Hey Marianne! Your scar looks better than mine, and I just started Week15, plus I had my 49th B-Day. I also was not in good shape, and have lost weight and felt better as a result of this long recuperation - rest from work itself seems to have helped the most. I am limping still, but not too badly, and I now own four pairs of sportshoes - something not to be found on my feet before as “ugly and klutzy”. My tourbusiness boss allows me to wear them as a special “medical leave”, but the way he and the others eye them each morning shows that sport shoes are not really acceptable. We tourguides have to look “professional”! Eh??? Tourists are really rolling still, in October!


  4. Accompongon 09 Oct 2008 at 8:54 pm

    Hello Marianne,
    We’re about the same age so you might remember Earth Shoes. Well you mentioned looking for a comfortable shoe… I found that the company still exists and their shoes look better than back in the seventies. I purchased a pair of suede mules and I can’t say enough.

    The negative heel was a wonderful gentle stretch on a tight tendon. Since these are mules, the edema ebb and flow was accommodated by the open back.

    They are expensive but I found an amazing deal through Sierra Trading Post. Take a look. [I am neither an employee nor stock holder of Sierra Trading Post.]

    As for the scar, same here. I’m glad you posted because I was really worried about the hardness, but the post and responses give me hope.

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