Sep 28 2008

Moving along w/PT

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Well, went to my PT appt. on Friday and asked them if I could advance from towell scrunching and marble picking, rocker, pro-step, and wedge work…..Come on people!!!! have been doing all that at home, twice a day, for the past 2 and a half months, plus biking, and band and towell stretching.  Yeah, it worked (all my whining); they let me on the total gym and tomorrow I get to add the stair-stepper!!  My PT did say, “be careful what you wish for”…and I asked her, “are you going to be mean to me?”  She is the therapist that kills my ankle when she stretches it…..I think she has some agression issues:)  Well, at least I get to skip the towell and marbles when I go to PT….still do them at home though as warm-up.

Using my Silipos achilles heel sleeve, to help the sore area of my incision withstand the pressure of the one pair of shoes that work for me–have been wearing them everyday for the past 2 months.  So, progress is slow, but is happening. Still on one crutch, limping and slow….yesterday I took my daughter, who lives on her own, can’t drive, (because of disabilities) to adopt a cat at Pet Smart….what an adventure.  I am not used to standing/walking around on one crutch for 2 hours shopping and adopting….I was pooped, but we found her the perfect cat… was a good day :)

Hope you all had an enjoyable weekend!


3 Responses to “Moving along w/PT”

  1. hosson 28 Sep 2008 at 8:49 pm

    Wow! You have been going through some wild stuff. Way to keep plugging away at those exercises. I have been preaching patience to everyone but I’m not sure I would cope so well to still having to use a crutch. Kudos to you. Keep fighting and healing.

  2. marianneon 29 Sep 2008 at 4:55 pm

    Went to PT this afternoon with new workout regime: moist heat for 10 min. (not new), ultrasound w/ stretch, bike, pro-stretch, standing rocker, total gym, and last, but not least stair-stepper…….has anyone else used the stair-stepper/master at 16 weeks? For some reason, I couldn’t get my legs/feet to get the hang of making the machine move. I am still puzzled, and gave up for today….will try again on Thursday. Anyone have tips? I had one of the aids standing there trying to explain and help me with the routine, but it was a no go….so had scar massage and stretching, ice and off I went. I definitely am pooped after my new routine….will sleep well tonight:)

    Thanks for advice in advance,

  3. verse402on 29 Sep 2008 at 6:42 pm

    Woooooooow. You went 13 weeks without driving? I must really be breaking the rules with what I am doing. I drove to work today and my wife almost had a heart attack. But I told her I have driven in a couple different foriegn lands and I am pretty good with my left foot………yep and we have not spoke since she got home. Dog house for me! :) Keep up the good work on the PT!! Seems like someone else has a good sense of humor too, maybe us folk the rupture on the right are the fun ones! lol Instead of right brained we are right ruptured. :)

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