Aug 16 2008

Fifth PT Session - 10 weeks post-op

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Yesterday, had my fifth PT session, 10 weeks post-op….I’m in two shoes with crutches, but still can’t get my foot to 90 degrees without alot of pushing.  Yesterday’s session, they added a new exercise to the towell scrunch, marble pick-up, rocker, “blue shoe stretch”, bike , and massage.  I had to stand with both feet flat on the floor and shift my weight from good foot to bad foot holding onto a table.  They had to put a foam wedge under my bad foot since I can’t get it flat on the floor.  Well, that worked out ok, but then they wanted me to lift my good leg off the ground and while still holding onto the table put all my weight onto my bad leg.  I said, “Are you kidding?”  And one of the therapists said, “No, is there something wrong with your knee?”  — not funny.  Well, after much protesting on my part, I attempted to lift my good leg off the floor.  …….couldn’t do it for either mental or physical reasons…….. but I did work up a good sweat while trying.  I was asked to crutch over to the scales to see how much weight I could actually put on the bad leg and after four tries got to 100 lbs.  So, I guess I really can put more weight on the leg than I thought I could, although I had to work through the pain to get there.   Then onto my least favorite activity– the massage and boy was it a killer yesterday.  Lay around with ice on foot much of today…..usually, the day after PT I feel great, but not today.   Well, enough of the woe-is-me- for today……just needed to vent my frustration at the slow pace of my life.  My daughter starts high school, as a freshman, on Monday and I won’t be able to drive her on her first day—–just had to throw that in.

Happy healing to all and have a great weekend !! 

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  1. sanfrantourguideon 16 Aug 2008 at 6:55 pm

    Hey Marianne, you are getting there!

    I smiled when I read your regret about not driving your daughter to school. My own mother never learned to drive, and my father was always at work. In San Francisco, almost all of us rode the local buses across town for four years - however, after one year of that torture, I switched to ride a ten-speed across town and never dealt with the “angry, chip-on-their-shoulders” gang. Never even dawned on me that my parents should drive me anywhere in SF, after about age 13!

    Your daughter may well become independent and resourceful!


  2. marianneon 16 Aug 2008 at 8:21 pm


    I also grew up in San Francisco and rode the local buses to school…..Ulloa Elementary, A.P. Gianini Jr. High, and Lowell High School. I played the flute, but my poor sister had to lug a cello back and forth on the bus…..those were the days. Bakersfield’s public buses don’t come out as far as where we live, but my daughter will take the High School District bus….her friend’s mom is driving the two of them on the first day, though, which is nice :)


  3. kkdubon 17 Aug 2008 at 8:58 am

    Thanks for the post - I’m sorry to hear about your daughters first day of school. I’m a native SF’er as well. I appreciate the PT posts b/c I’m just about to start this week (at 7 plus weeks) and I’m excited and nervous. Hang in there. Some days are JUST sucky. LOL. kkdub

  4. sheilaon 18 Aug 2008 at 12:11 pm

    Hi Marianne! Good to hear you are coming along with your PT. It sounds frustratingly slow, but remember how far you have come. You have a lot of progress under your belt, even if it feels like you have a long way to go. Look at how quickly you went from a cast to 2 shoes!

    As for your daughter, maybe you can send a camera with your daughter and have her take some pics of her first day of high school? :) If you don’t think it would be to distracting for her, that is. Ultimately the photos would be for her, but it would also be a way for you to share in some of the excitement by getting to see her and her friends on that special day in their new school.

    Are you doing any exercises at home between PT appointments? If so, which ones? I started walking in a friend’s swimming pool, but forgot about the marble exercises. Will have to dig those out.

    I just got the OK to start PT from my doctor (yes, the one I argued with!). I posted on my page about it. :)

  5. damacaron 18 Aug 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Keep hangin in there Marianne!
    My ATR leg is more flexible than the good leg by about 10 degrees (on flexing foot toward knee-not sure what that’s called). You’ll get there!! You’ve made it so far!! I remember back when we didn’t think we would. Seems so long ago! Now I actually forget sometimes. I went down to get coffee this a.m.-we have a Starbucks in my work building-and I was kind of bouncing down the stairs, got almost to the bottom and thought, “wow”. Then on the way back, I almost started running up the stairs, skipping steps, then I remembered. “Oh no you don’t Dani, take it easy.” Ooooooh it was so tempting.

    Get yourself healed cuz if you have a teen aged girl….you’re going to need all the strength you can get! Start “walkin those streets…” =)

  6. marianneon 18 Aug 2008 at 3:49 pm

    At home I do the marbles, towel scrunching, band stretching, ankle circles, and alphabet 2x a day — takes about 30 min. each time. If you don’t have a band (they gave me one at PT) you could use a towel–just roll it up and place under the front part of foot and point toes away while pulling on towell and pull toes toward you to stretch achilles.

  7. marianneon 18 Aug 2008 at 3:53 pm

    I really do need to keep reminding myself about what you said– look how far I have come. I just feel stuck right now and can’t see ditching the crutches, which is my goal right now. Thanks so much for the encouraging words!!
    You are so right about my teenage daughter– I see so many changes in her in just the three months since my injury. Got to get with the program :)

  8. damacaron 19 Aug 2008 at 8:31 am

    Ironically my antispam word is “patience”.

    I HATE FEELING STUCK!! It just keeps changing stage by stage of this whole thing. Right now, i’m stuck feeling like I could do more, but can’t/shouldn’t. I would really like to drop to the floor kicking and screaming, of course I won’t because I don’t know if I could get back up!! LOL

    Hang in there Marianne!!

    Dani (Damacar)

  9. fourleafon 23 Aug 2008 at 1:45 pm

    Did mine July 4th, 7 weeks post surgery and 9 PT sessions. Pretty much walking around with big time limp (no boot) in tennis shoes with heel lift. I use thera band 3 times daily on off days from PT, go to gym daily ride stationary bike 20-25 min (with boot) and swim 30 min daily. I can see by 8 to 9 weeks surgeon and PT say I can shake the boot completely.
    Gets better day by day. Obvious they are taking agressive and cautious approach. They tell me only I will know the limits.

    Like reading about other stories, it keeps me from feeling sorry for myself.

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